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Social responsibility is at the root of every facet our our organization. It is most evident in our dedication to the highest standards of quality journalism.
The Times Company is strongly committed to protecting the environment in all of the communities in which it operates, and it continually strives to minimize and reduce waste and emissions whenever and wherever it is practical and possible to do so. In addition, the Company's primary business is journalism, and global warming and greenhouse gas emissions are topics that it covers extensively. The New York Times spotlights these issues on both its editorial and Op-Ed pages and throughout its news coverage.
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Environmental Stewardship
The New York Times Company is strongly committed to protecting the environment in all of the many communities in which it operates.

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Educational Initiatives
We are committed to educational efforts, including use of our newspapers as a learning tool. The New York Times and The Boston Globe are active in supporting the Newspaper in Education program.
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The Company supports cultural, educational, community service, journalistic and environmental organizations in New York, Boston and other locations.
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Dot Earth blog
By 2050 or so, the world population is expected to reach nine billion. In Dot Earth, reporter Andrew C. Revkin examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits.
ESOL Teacher of the Year Award
The ESOL Teacher of the Year Award recognizes one teacher in New York City whose commitment to his or her students is demonstrated by consistently going “above and beyond” the call of duty to help students learn English and develop the skills needed to create successful new lives in the United States.
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