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05 Mar 2011 - 11 Apr 2016
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Saudi-U.S. Relations

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America have a longstanding relationship dating back to the 1930s, when American businessmen first travelled to the Kingdom to help develop the country’s natural resources.

Efforts to Combat Extremism

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemns terrorism in all its forms. The Kingdom itself has been a frequent target of terrorists. As home of the Two Holy Mosques of Islam, in Makkah and Madinah,Saudi Arabia stands as a target of extremists and terrorists who aim to subvert the country’s faith.
Initiatives and Efforts to Combat Terrorism and Terror Financing

Saudi Arabia is committed to stopping terrorism in all its forms. The Kingdom is pursuing the men, the money, and the mindsets that support this global threat. It has forged partnerships with multilateral organizations and foreign governments to protect national security and reinforce counterterrorism strategies.
Political, Economic and Development Initiatives

During the last 50 years, Saudi Arabia has experienced rapid economic development and corresponding societal and political change. To balance this with the nation’s rich cultural and religious heritage and facilitate continued progress, the Saudi government has undertaken a number of political and economic initiatives to encourage political participation, promote economic growth, increase foreign investment and expand opportunities for its citizens.
Promoting Peace

Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. As home of the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia feels a special obligation to promote peace and stability in areas beyond its borders, particularly among its immediate neighbors.

Quotes from U.S. Government Officials

The following are a sample of quotes by former and current U.S. government officials. These quotes highlight the strong contributions Saudi Arabia has made to counterterrorism efforts and the strength of the Saudi-U.S. partnership in the war on terror.
Council of Senior Ulema Fatwa on Terror-Financing 

(Original Arabic text and English translation)

The Council of Senior Ulema considers the ruling on the “financing of terrorism” by judging that “terrorism” is a crime aiming at destabilizing security, and constitutes a grave offense against innocent lives as well as against properties whether public or private; such as: blowing up of dwellings, schools, hospitals, factories, bridges; airplanes (including hijacking), oil and pipelines, or any similar acts of destruction or subversion outlawed by the Islamic Shariah [law].