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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 9:01 p.m. EST
Foreign Aid
May 24, 2012Saudi Embassy in Algiers delivers 275 tons of dates to WFP
May 24, 2012Kingdom hosts Friends of Yemen meeting, pledges $3.25 billion in aid
May 23, 2012Saudi Arabia grants $105 million to Yemen for two development projects
May 19, 2012WAMY implements programs for orphans in Kyrgyzstan, Kurdistan, Cameroon
May 18, 2012Saudi Committee for the Relief of the Afghan People supports Education Ministry
May 16, 2012Saudi Arabia signs two agreements to construct houses in Pakistan
May 12, 2012IIROSA provides additional aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan
May 10, 2012Saudi Arabia and Egypt sign MoU for aid package to Egypt
May 6, 2012SRCA President receives U.S. Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan
May 6, 2012Sacrificial meat shipment arrives in Comoros Island
May 5, 2012Saudi Ambassador to Djibouti hands over 90 tons of dates to WFP Office
May 1, 2012Saudi Arabia donates one million dollars to Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies
April 29, 2012Sacrificial meat sent to Tanzania
April 22, 2012Campaign for the Relief of Palestinian People in Gaza provides medical supplies
April 17, 2012Kingdom participates in launch of campaign to eradicate polio in Sudan
April 12, 2012Saudi school in Pakistan holds charity bazaar in support of orphans
April 10, 2012IIROSA sends food aid to Somali orphans
April 4, 2012IIROSA sends aid to Mauritania
March 25, 2012SRCA President meets with Jordanian, Turkish, Lebanese counterparts
March 22, 2012First batch of Saudi aid arrives in Yemen
March 22, 2012Saudi Arabia sends heaters to Tunisia
March 22, 2012GCC-sponsored international meeting on Yemen begins in Riyadh
March 18, 2012IIROSA prepares program to assist Syrian refugees in Lebanon
March 15, 2012IIRC provides urgent assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
March 9, 2012Saudi aid arrives in Tunisia
March 8, 2012Saudi Embassy delivers 200 tons of dates to Pakistan
March 3, 2012Fifth Saudi aid shipment departs Riyadh for Tunisia
March 1, 2012Fourth Saudi plane delivers aid to Tunisia
March 1, 2012IIROSA provides relief assistance to Syrian refugees
February 29, 2012Second and third Saudi relief planes arrive in Tunisia
February 28, 2012Kingdom gives Sierra Leone 20 tons of medical supplies
February 27, 2012First batch of Saudi humanitarian aid arrives in Tunisia
February 27, 2012Saudi Hajj meat arrives in Sudan
February 23, 2012International Conference on Somalia opens in London
February 23, 2012Saudi Ambassador to Senegal delivers 100 tons of dates
February 20, 2012Saudi Arabia donates $10 million to UNRWA
February 13, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers recommend $100 million monthly safety net for Palestinians
January 16, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/16/12)
January 13, 2012Saudi Arabia donates medical supplies to Pakistan
January 12, 2012World Food Program hails Saudi Arabia’s support
January 12, 2012Distribution of meat in West African nations begins
January 10, 2012IIROSA provides health care to 350,000 patients around the world
January 8, 2012Yemeni Minister of Health thanks Kingdom for polio immunization assistance
December 30, 2011OIC participates in humanitarian relief works in Philippines
December 28, 2011Saudi Campaign for Pakistan signs accord with UNICEF
December 24, 2011OIC to send humanitarian mission to the Philippines
December 23, 2011Kingdom donates $25 million to Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria
December 17, 2011Saudi Arabia supports polio eradication in Niger
December 16, 2011AGFUND launches microfinance bank in Africa to support the poor
December 12, 2011Sacrificial meat distributed among Palestinian refugees in Jordan
December 7, 2011IDB and UNRWA sign accords to support education and reconstruction in Gaza
November 22, 2011King’s Charitable Campaign dispatches second caravan in Pakistan
November 20, 2011Saudi aid distributed to 7,000 families in Somalia
November 15, 2011Saudi Campaign distributes food, tents, and blankets in Pakistan
November 15, 2011OIC, UN sign agreement for coordination of humanitarian action
November 7, 2011Saudi Campaign distributes meat in Pakistan
October 31, 2011Crown Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet session (10/31/11)
October 29, 2011Saudi Campaign dispatches relief convoy to Pakistan
October 27, 2011Kingdom offers $50 million to Turkey
October 26, 2011Saudi humanitarian aid arrives in Mogadishu
October 20, 2011King Abdullah to host 1,400 Muslims during this year’s Hajj
October 19, 2011Emergency project to provide potable water for Somalia approved
October 19, 2011Kingdom donates $900,000 worth of dates to WFP
October 14, 2011Saudi Ambassador to Cameroon delivers gift to World Food Program
October 13, 2011Saudi Campaign for the Relief of the Pakistani People kicks off projects
October 10, 2011OIC, USAID discuss prospects for cooperation
October 3, 2011Prince Nayef directs aid to victims of Pakistani floods
October 2, 2011IIROSA provides drinking water to 50,000 families in Somalia
September 30, 2011Kingdom contributes $10 million to reconstruct Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp
September 29, 2011United Nations hails Kingdom’s $30 million commitment to polio eradication
September 22, 2011Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Campaign sends food baskets to Gaza
September 21, 2011Saudi food assistance delivered to Algeria
September 20, 2011Saudi relief plane arrives in Cameroon
September 15, 2011Saudi Ambassador delivers financial assistance to government of Guinea
September 4, 2011Humanitarian sealift for Somalia launched
August 25, 2011IIROSA distributes more than 7 million kilograms of aid in Somalia
August 24, 2011Saudi Campaign for Somalia raises $54 million in 2 days
August 23, 2011Saudi Arabia provides $500,000 to Guinea
August 22, 2011Saudi National Campaign for the Relief of the Somali People kicked-off
August 21, 2011King Abdullah receives Qatari Prime Minister
August 18, 2011OIC pledges $350 million for Somalia anti-starvation program
August 8, 2011100 tons of Saudi dates delivered to Cameroon
August 2, 2011UNRWA thanks Saudi Arabia for donations to Palestinians in Gaza
August 2, 2011Saudi Arabia delivers 424 tons of dates to Syria
July 29, 2011200 tons of dates gifted to Djibouti
July 27, 2011IIROSA sponsors more than 1,200 open-heart surgeries and angioplasties
July 25, 2011Kingdom boosts emergency aid to Somalia
July 24, 2011Saudi food assistance arrives in Dushanbe
July 20, 2011Islamic Development Bank funds Palestinian school rehabilitation
July 19, 2011WAMY medical camp conducts 500 eye surgeries in Mali
July 10, 2011Saudi Ambassador to Bosnia participates in opening of heart surgery center
July 8, 2011Kingdom provides dates to Muslims in the Philippines
July 7, 2011Saudi Red Crescent provides ambulances for Darfur
July 1, 2011King receives Indonesian children orphaned by tsunami
July 1, 2011Crown Prince gifts 15 tons of dates to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
June 27, 2011Indonesia’s President inaugurates Saudi-funded developmental projects
June 22, 2011Saudi Arabia approves SR 75 million loan to Mauritania
June 22, 2011Saudi Arabia hands over 150 tons of dates to Pakistan
June 22, 2011SDF delivers medical equipment to flood victims in Pakistan
June 21, 2011Kingdom provides millions in aid to Egypt
June 11, 2011IIROSA relief supplies benefited 29,233 disaster victims last year
June 9, 2011Saudi Arabia supports Niger’s broadcasting station
June 9, 201158 injured in Yemen evacuated to Saudi hospitals
June 7, 2011Jordanian Minister thanks Saudi Arabia for economic support
June 2, 2011White House reiterates strength of Saudi-U.S. relationship

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