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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 | 9:01 p.m. EST
Foreign Relations
May 24, 2012Kingdom hosts Friends of Yemen meeting, pledges $3.25 billion in aid
May 23, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Egyptian Foreign Minister
May 23, 2012King Abdullah sends cable of solidarity to Lebanese President
May 22, 2012Majlis Al-Shura members meet Johns Hopkins University students
May 21, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/21/12)
May 21, 2012Saudi and U.S. Customs hold joint training course
May 20, 2012King Abdullah receives Jordanian and Yemeni Ministers
May 18, 2012“From Washington to Riyadh” exhibition opens at National Museum
May 17, 2012Saudi Arabia takes part in G-20 Ministers of Labor meeting in Mexico
May 16, 2012Prince Sultan bin Salman visits Smithsonian Museums
May 16, 2012Prince Sultan bin Salman arrives in Mexico to attend G-20 Meeting
May 15, 2012Foreign Minister, GCC Secretary General hold joint press conference
May 14, 2012GCC leaders hold summit in Riyadh
May 11, 2012King Abdullah receives President of Niger
May 10, 2012Saudi Arabia and Egypt sign MoU for aid package to Egypt
May 10, 2012Prince Turki Al-Kabeer leads delegation to Non-Aligned Movement meeting
May 9, 2012Prince Sattam receives President of Discovery Channel
May 9, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Indonesian Foreign Minister
May 7, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/7/12)
May 7, 2012King Abdullah receives GCC Secretary General
May 6, 2012Saudi missions in Egypt reopen
May 6, 2012SRCA President receives U.S. Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan
May 5, 2012U.N. Secretary-General thanks Saudi Arabia for U.N. Counterterrorism Center
May 4, 2012Saudi Embassy and Consulates in Egypt to reopen next Sunday
May 2, 2012Crown Prince chairs 13th GCC Interior Ministers Consultative Meeting
May 1, 2012Saudi Arabia’s Archaeological Masterpieces Exhibition to move to U.S.
April 30, 2012King Abdullah receives Senator Joseph Lieberman
April 30, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/30/12)
April 29, 2012Prince Saud: GCC Union will give Gulf states more weight
April 28, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from Egyptian leader
April 27, 2012King Abdullah receives Qatari Heir Apparent
April 26, 2012Two Saudi citizens kidnapped in Lebanon are safe
April 26, 2012King Abdullah receives telephone call from King of Spain
April 26, 2012Arab League Foreign Ministers meet in Cairo
April 25, 2012Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs receives U.S. Peace Envoy
April 25, 2012King Abdullah receives UNESCO Gold Medal
April 24, 2012Arab Ministers bid Zoellick farewell as World Bank head
April 23, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/23/12)
April 23, 2012King Abdullah receives Polish Prime Minister
April 21, 2012Taibah University signs cooperation agreements with 3 U.S. institutions
April 20, 2012King Abdullah receives Saad Al-Hariri
April 19, 2012Arab Environmental Ministers hold extraordinary meeting
April 18, 2012Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for abduction of Saudi Deputy Consul in Yemen
April 18, 2012U.S. delegation visits Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry
April 16, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/16/12)
April 13, 2012Prince Salman Concludes Official Visit to the U.S
April 13, 2012King Abdullah holds talks with Turkish Prime Minister
April 12, 2012Minister of Defense visits Military Attaché Office in Washington
April 12, 2012Minister of Defense receives Director of U.S. Missile Defense Agency
April 12, 2012Prince Salman meets with Secretary of State Clinton
April 11, 2012Prince Salman Meets with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta
April 11, 2012Kingdom condemns terrorist explosion in Bahrain
April 10, 2012Prince Salman arrives in the US for official visit
April 9, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/9/12)
April 9, 2012KSU, U.S. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute sign joint cooperation accord
April 8, 2012Minister of Foreign Affairs receives his Kazakh counterpart
April 6, 2012U.S. delegation visits Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry
April 3, 2012Chief of General staff receives Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
April 3, 2012British Prime Minister receives Saudi Minister of Defense
April 2, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/2/12)
April 2, 2012Algerian President receives Saudi Crown Prince
April 1, 2012Saudi Foreign Minister Addresses Friends of Syrian People Meeting
April 1, 2012First Ministerial Meeting of GCC-U.S. Strategic Cooperation Forum concludes
April 1, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Secretary Clinton hold joint press conference
March 30, 2012King Abdullah meets with Secretary Clinton in Riyadh
March 30, 2012Prince Saud, Clinton hold talks in Riyadh
March 29, 201223rd Arab Summit convenes in Baghdad
March 28, 2012Qatari Emir receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 28, 2012Saudi Vice Consul in Aden abducted
March 28, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers agree on draft resolution on Syria
March 27, 2012Saudi representative addresses Nuclear Security Summit
March 27, 2012Arab Ministers of Finance meet in Baghdad
March 26, 2012Saudi-U.S.Nautical Union Exercise-12 concludes
March 26, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/26/12)
March 26, 2012King Abdullah receives President of Yemen
March 23, 2012King Abdullah receives Minister of Foreign Affairs of Brunei
March 22, 2012GCC-sponsored international meeting on Yemen begins in Riyadh
March 21, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh
March 20, 2012Minister of Foreign Affairs meets with Canadian Foreign Minister
March 19, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/19/12)
March 16, 2012OIC Secretary General holds talks with Secretary Clinton in Washington
March 15, 2012Council of Arab Interior Ministers’ session concludes
March 14, 2012Crown Prince Nayef receives Saudi Ambassador in Ohio
March 14, 2012Saudi Arabia closes its embassy in Damascus
March 13, 2012Turkish President receives head of Saudi Red Crescent Authority
March 12, 2012Minister of Justice receives World Bank delegation
March 12, 2012King Abdullah receives Jordanian King
March 12, 2012Prince Saud receives Afghan Foreign Minister
March 12, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/12/12)
March 11, 2012Chief of General Staff receives U.S. delegation
March 11, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal, German counterpart speak to reporters
March 10, 2012Foreign Minister warns against “trivializing” the blood of Syrian civilians
March 10, 2012Prince Salman receives delegation from Harvard University
March 9, 2012King Abdullah receives Sudanese President
March 9, 2012Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with UN and Arab League joint envoy to Syria
March 7, 2012Kingdom rejects Russian charges on Syria
March 7, 2012Saudi Chief of General Staff Receives Commander of U.S. Marine Forces Central Command
March 6, 2012Saudi diplomat killed in Bangladesh
March 6, 2012Saudi, Cuban officials discuss possible expansion of SFD’s work to Cuba
March 5, 2012King Abdullah and Emir of Qatar hold meeting
March 5, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting (3/5/12)
March 4, 2012GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Riyadh
March 3, 2012Saudi Arabia urges Security Council to exercise legal role in Syrian crisis
February 28, 2012Rector of Jazan University receives University of Utah delegation
February 27, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/27/12)
February 26, 2012Parliamentary leaders from around the world gather in Riyadh
February 25, 2012King Abdullah congratulates new Yemeni president
February 24, 2012Deputy Defense Minister visits Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada
February 24, 2012Foreign Minister addresses International Conference for Friends of the Syrian People
February 23, 2012International Conference on Somalia opens in London
February 22, 2012King Abdullah tells Russian President dialogue on Syria is now pointless
February 22, 2012Saudi Wildlife Authority participates in U.S. summit
February 20, 2012Chief of General Staff receives U.S. National Defense University delegation
February 20, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/20/12)
February 18, 2012Saudi Ambassador to U.S. welcomes Saudi disaster management delegation
February 17, 2012Tunisian Prime Minister performs Umrah
February 17, 2012Saudi Arabia warns its citizens against travelling to Syria
February 15, 2012Minister of Economy and Planning receives U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy
February 14, 2012King Abdullah receives Indian Defense Minister
February 13, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/13/12)
February 13, 2012U.S. delegation visits PMU
February 13, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers recommend $100 million monthly safety net for Palestinians
February 12, 2012Foreign Minister calls for sanctions on Syria, support for opposition
February 10, 2012King Abdullah condemns failure of Security Council resolution
February 9, 2012King patronizes opening of Janadriyah Festival for Heritage and Culture
February 8, 2012King Abdullah receives U.S. CENTCOM Commander
February 7, 2012GCC countries recall their ambassadors from Syria, expel Syrian envoys
February 7, 2012Minister of Hajj meets with U.S. Consul General
February 6, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (2/6/12)
February 6, 2012KACST President inaugurates International Workshop On Energy Efficiency
February 5, 2012Minister of Petroleum receives IEF Secretary General
February 4, 2012Al-Janadriyah musical operetta cancelled in solidarity with Syrian people
February 3, 2012King Abdullah receives head of IMF
February 2, 2012Yanbu Royal Commission’s CEO receives U.S. Counselor for Economic Affairs
February 1, 2012Saudi Archaeological Masterpieces Exhibition scheduled to debut in U.S.
January 30, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/30/12)
January 30, 2012Al-Naimi: Saudi Arabia will be a reliable supplier of oil for decades
January 29, 2012GCC-Turkish Ministerial Meeting on Strategic Dialogue issues joint communiqué
January 28, 2012Arab League halts observer mission in Syria
January 25, 2012Saudi Arabia’s U.N. Ambassador calls for action on Syria
January 24, 2012Royal Saudi Air Force takes part in U.S. Red Flag Exercises
January 24, 2012GCC states to withdraw monitors from Syria
January 23, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/23/12)
January 22, 2012Arab Foreign Ministers hold meeting on Syria
January 22, 2012Prince Saud announces withdrawal of Kingdom’s Arab League monitors from Syria
January 20, 2012Minister of Justice: Terror-related crime in Saudi Arabia is on the decline
January 18, 2012Justice Minister meets with U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice
January 16, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/16/12)
January 15, 2012King Abdullah receives Chinese Premier
January 14, 2012French, Saudi aircraft collide during joint exercise, pilots eject safely
January 13, 2012King Abdullah receives British Prime Minister
January 12, 2012World Food Program hails Saudi Arabia’s support
January 11, 2012Prince Saud holds talks with President Obama, Secretary Clinton
January 11, 2012Minister of Defense receives U.S. Representative Eric Cantor
January 10, 2012King Abdullah receives Yemeni Prime Minister
January 9, 2012King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (1/9/12)
January 9, 2012Deputy Foreign Minister meets with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
January 8, 2012Minister of Defense receives Sen. John Kerry
January 8, 2012Arab League decides to continue Syrian observation mission
January 6, 2012King Abdullah sends message to Bahraini King
January 5, 2012GCC Health Ministers meet in Oman
January 5, 2012Saudi Minister of Commerce and Industry meets Indian Prime Minister
January 4, 2012U.S. State Department official meets with Prince Saud and Dr. Khoja
January 1, 2012Saudi Arabia, Libya agree to resume bilateral relations
December 30, 2011Saudi Arabia Announces Purchase of Military Equipment from the U.S.
December 26, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (12/26/11)
December 21, 2011Minister of Health speaks at National Children’s Medical Center in D.C.
December 21, 2011GCC leaders conclude 32nd session of Supreme Council
December 20, 2011King Abdullah opens 32nd GCC Supreme Council summit
December 19, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Riyadh
December 19, 2011Minister of Finance discusses anti-money laundering efforts with U.S. official
December 18, 2011Prince Salman receives Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
December 17, 2011Saudi Arabia supports polio eradication in Niger
December 14, 2011Defense Minister receives Commander of U.S. Central Command
December 13, 2011King Abdullah receives GCC Secretary General
December 12, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (12/12/11)
December 10, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
December 9, 2011Saudi Aramco President: Oil industry poised for new Golden Age
December 9, 2011Al-Naimi addresses Durban Climate Change talks
December 8, 2011Education Minister addresses Saudi-U.S. Business Opportunities Forum
December 7, 2011General Electric, Saudi Electricity Co. sign $300 million gas-turbines deal
December 6, 20112nd U.S.-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum begins in Atlanta
December 5, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (12/5/11)
December 4, 2011Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz receives U.S. Defense official
December 3, 2011Defense Minister receives head of U.S. Military Training Mission
December 2, 2011Saudi Arabia calls on world to support Arab efforts to dismantle WMDs
December 2, 2011Foreign Ministry urges Saudis to leave Syria, cancel travel plans
December 1, 2011Saudi Arabia condemns storming of British Embassy in Tehran
November 30, 201147,000 Saudi students on scholarship in the U.S.
November 29, 2011Saudi Forum on Uniting Arab Countries to Combat AIDS opens
November 28, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (11/28/11)
November 27, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers approve sanctions against Syria
November 24, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers give Syria 48 hours to sign monitors protocol
November 24, 2011Prince Saud holds press conference to discuss GCC agenda
November 23, 2011Energy Dialogue Forum concluded in Riyadh
November 23, 2011GCC initiative to resolve Yemeni crisis signed in Riyadh
November 23, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Riyadh
November 21, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/21/11)
November 19, 2011U.S. welcomes Saudi resolution condemning plot against ambassador
November 18, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir briefs fellow diplomats on U.N. resolution
November 18, 2011UN condemns plot to kill Saudi ambassador
November 17, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers discuss crisis in Syria
November 16, 2011Saudi Mission to U.N. will submit draft resolution against terrorism
November 15, 2011OIC, UN sign agreement for coordination of humanitarian action
November 12, 2011Syrian mob storms Saudi Embassy in Damascus
November 12, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers suspend Syrian participation in Arab League activities
November 4, 2011Forbes: King Abdullah ranks among the seven most powerful people in the world
November 3, 2011Arab League welcomes Syrian acceptance of its initiative
November 3, 2011Minister of Finance attends G-20 Summit
November 2, 2011Kingdom hails acceptance of Palestine as full member of UNESCO
October 31, 2011Crown Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet session (10/31/11)
October 31, 2011U.S. President congratulates Kingdom on new Crown Prince
October 30, 2011Saudi Ambassador to U.S. congratulates Crown Prince Nayef
October 30, 2011Minister of Justice meets with Saudi students in Washington, D.C.
October 28, 2011Foreign leaders visit the Kingdom to offer their condolences
October 27, 2011Vice President Biden arrives in Riyadh to offer condolences
October 21, 2011King Abdullah’s Global Program for Dialogue, Culture of Peace launched
October 20, 2011King Abdullah to host 1,400 Muslims during this year’s Hajj
October 19, 2011U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary meets with GCC and National Guard officials
October 18, 2011U.S. mayoral delegation meets with Saudi officials
October 18, 2011Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman receives Deputy U.S. Energy Secretary
October 17, 2011Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet session (10/17/11)
October 17, 2011Emergency meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers held in Cairo
October 16, 2011G-20 Finance Ministers conclude meeting
October 14, 2011Agreement to establish King Abdullah Center for Dialogue in Vienna signed
October 14, 2011Iranian plot condemned around the world
October 13, 2011President Obama calls Saudi Ambassador to express solidarity
October 12, 2011Kingdom, GCC condemn plot against Ambassador
October 11, 2011Statement on Plot to Assassinate Ambassador
October 10, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (10/10/11)
October 10, 2011OIC, USAID discuss prospects for cooperation
October 9, 2011Saudi Aramco, Dow sign agreement for Sadara Chemical Company joint venture
October 7, 2011GCC Ministers of Culture and Information meet in Abu Dhabi
October 7, 2011SAGIA and Pfizer sign accord for pharmaceutical plant in Rabigh
October 4, 2011King Abdullah receives Hungarian Prime Minister
October 4, 2011Prince Sultan bin Salman meets with Smithsonian President
October 3, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (10/3/11)
October 3, 2011Exxon to sponsor Saudi antiquities exhibitions in the U.S.
October 1, 2011King Abdullah receives U.S. National Security Advisor
September 30, 2011King Abdullah holds meeting with King of Sweden
September 27, 2011King Abdullah receives Bahraini King
September 27, 2011Saudi Foreign Minister Stresses Importance of Palestinian Statehood
September 26, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (9/26/11)
September 21, 2011Saudi Foreign Minister meets with U.S. Secretary of State in New York
September 20, 2011Agreement on establishment of U.N. Center for Combating Terrorism signed
September 19, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (9/19/11)
September 15, 2011Tunisian Interim President receives Prince Saud, Prince Abdulaziz
September 14, 2011Arab League Council holds 136th session
September 14, 2011King Abdullah receives U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
September 13, 2011Prince Saud leads delegation to Arab Peace Initiative Committee meeting
September 12, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (9/12/11)
September 12, 2011King Abdullah receives Emir of Qatar
September 11, 2011120th GCC Foreign Ministerial Council session held in Jeddah
September 11, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir releases statement on 9/11 anniversary
September 9, 2011Prince Saud delivers message to Qatari Emir
September 8, 2011Arab Finance Ministers begin extraordinary meeting
September 4, 2011King receives congratulations from President Obama and other world leaders
August 26, 2011President of Gabon performs Umrah
August 25, 2011King Abdullah, President of Senegal hold meeting
August 23, 2011King Abdullah receives King of Jordan
August 22, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/22/11)
August 21, 2011King Abdullah receives Qatari Prime Minister
August 15, 2011Turkish President visits the Kingdom
August 15, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/15/11)
August 13, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
August 9, 2011Pakistani Prime Minister visits Saudi Arabia
August 8, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/8/11)
August 7, 2011GCC countries deplore situation in Syria
August 5, 2011Prince Salman receives Arab delegations offering their condolences
August 3, 2011King receives calls from President, Prime Minister of Turkey
August 1, 2011King Abdullah receives congratulatory calls from world leaders
August 1, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/1/11)
July 31, 2011Rodeo Exercise concluded in U.S. with participation of Royal Saudi Air Force
July 26, 2011MWL conference in Makkah concludes
July 25, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/25/11)
July 23, 2011OIC Secretary General condemns terrorist attacks in Norway
July 21, 2011Royal Saudi Air Force to participate in 2011 Rodeo Exercise
July 20, 2011Pakistani President arrives in Jeddah
July 19, 2011King Abdullah receives message from King of Morocco
July 18, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/18/11)
July 18, 2011Foreign Minister receives Djiboutian counterpart
July 16, 2011King Abdullah offers condolences to Afghan President
July 15, 2011King Abdullah holds talks with Sudanese President
July 13, 2011Qatari Prime Minister visits Jeddah
July 12, 2011King Abdullah receives Arab League Secretary General
July 11, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/11/11)
July 10, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Turkish Foreign Minister
July 7, 2011U.S. Medical Licensing Examination to be available in the Kingdom
July 7, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives U.S. official
July 6, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal and British Foreign Secretary hold press conference
July 5, 2011King Abdullah receives Kuwaiti Prime Minister
July 4, 2011King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan congratulate President Obama on July 4th
July 4, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/4/11)
July 3, 2011King Abdullah receives Jordanian King
July 3, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Egyptian, Pakistani and Sudanese ministers
June 29, 2011Recruitment of domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines stopped
June 28, 2011KAU signs MoU with U.S. Marine Research Center
June 27, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/27/11)
June 26, 2011Crown Prince sends a cable of congratulations to Emir of Qatar
June 24, 2011Al-Ma’alami presents credentials to Ban Ki-Moon
June 21, 2011Kingdom provides millions in aid to Egypt
June 20, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/20/11)
June 18, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from British Prime Minister
June 15, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers issue a final statement
June 15, 2011King Abdullah reassured about health of Yemeni President
June 14, 2011President of Saudi Human Rights Commission receives U.S. official
June 13, 2011King Abdullah receives President of Palestinian National Authority
June 13, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/13/11)
June 11, 2011King Receives French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry
June 11, 2011King Abdullah receives Arab League Secretary General
June 7, 2011Jordanian Minister thanks Saudi Arabia for economic support
June 6, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/6/11)
June 4, 2011Yemeni President arrives in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment
June 3, 2011GCC efforts to end crisis in Yemen continue
June 2, 2011Al-Naimi: Saudi Arabia’s solar energy production to soar

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