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28 May 2012
New Draft Law to Regulate NGOs and Civil Society: Tangible Progress Along with Flaws of the Past
The undersigned organizations express their appreciation for the efforts put forth by the Human Rights Committee of the People’s Assembly to develop a new bill, put forward by the Freedom and Justice Party, to regulate non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society institutions.
21 May 2012
In Support of the Human Rights Committee: The Government Must Maintain its Commitment to Ending the State of Emergency on 31 May
9 May 2012
With the Continued Attacks on Field and Public Hospitals and their Medical Crew and Assaults on Injured Civilians: The EIPR Calls for Firm Action be Taken to Prevent the Recurrence of Such Attacks
7 May 2012
Abbasiya Events a Continuation of SCAF’s Systematic Violations of Human Rights in the Transitional Period
12 April 2012
Draft Law for the Nationalization of Civil Society and Transforming it into a Government Institution
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Peace Keeping in Demonstrations and Public Disorder Situations
Martyrs Behind Bars... Killings and Torture of Prisoners During Egypt's Revolution
The Egyptian Interferon: A Scientific Debate and Necessary Regulations that need to be Issued
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Reports and Studies
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