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Anna Lindh Foundation Profile
The Anna Lindh Foundation: an actor for dialogue and participation
The Anna Lindh Foundation is an organisation shared and resourced by over forty Euro-Mediterranean countries, to bring people together as a way to promote dialogue between cultures and respect for diversity.
To fulfill this objective, the Foundation leads regional initiatives in the Euromed space and support local activities carried out by organisations based across civil society which advocate for a better understanding among people, religions and beliefs, and champion human rights and democracy.
The Foundation is a central Actor of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, and a facilitator of the participation of civil society in the ‘Union for the Mediterranean’. It works also as a Centre for Information and Dissemination of this initiative, and as an Observatory of intercultural dialogue in the region.
The Foundation coordinates a Euro-Mediterranean Network gathering hundreds of social and institutional bodies which share the values of the Foundation and work to make dialogue, peace and prosperity possible in the region.
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