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Press Releases
28 May 2012
New Draft Law to Regulate NGOs and Civil Society: Tangible Progress Along with Flaws of the Past
The undersigned organizations express their appreciation for the efforts put forth by the Human Rights Committee of the People’s Assembly to develop a new bill, put forward by the Freedom and Justice Party, to regulate non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society institutions.
21 May 2012
In Support of the Human Rights Committee: The Government Must Maintain its Commitment to Ending the State of Emergency on 31 May
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) welcomed the demands of the Human Rights Committee of the People's Assembly that the government must fully commit to ending the state of emergency by 31 May 2012.
9 May 2012
With the Continued Attacks on Field and Public Hospitals and their Medical Crew and Assaults on Injured Civilians: The EIPR Calls for Firm Action be Taken to Prevent the Recurrence of Such Attacks
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) condemns the continued violation of the basic principles of medical neutrality by security forces, and the denial of medical treatment for those injured and wounded, during the dispersal of the Abbasiya sit-in by force on Friday, May 4, 2012.
7 May 2012
Abbasiya Events a Continuation of SCAF’s Systematic Violations of Human Rights in the Transitional Period
The undersigned Egyptian rights organizations condemn the treatment of sit-ins and demonstrations in Egypt from the time of the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak until now, as a result of which hundreds have been killed and thousands injured and detained.
12 April 2012
Draft Law for the Nationalization of Civil Society and Transforming it into a Government Institution
The undersigned human rights organizations declare their utter rejection of the new draft law on non-governmental organizations (NGOs), prepared by the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs and which aims to nationalize civil society. Under this law civil society would be considered an institution of the government, and NGO staff would be regarded as civil servants.
27 March 2012
On the eve of the Arab Summit: Cooperation with Civil Society, a Key Pillar to Arab League Reform
Human rights organizations in the Arab world confirmed that the development and reform of the League of Arab States (LAS) requires the adoption of serious reforms, on top of which that the League embraces a new vision for its relationship with civil society, in line with the traditions and experiences established by similar regional groupings as well as United Nations agencies and organizations.
12 March 2012
We Pledge to Continue the Pursuit of All Involved in this Crime and Attempted Cover-Up: Military 'Virginity Testing' Verdict: Not the Last Battle
The undersigned organizations today stated that the acquittal of the military doctor accused in the 'virginity testing' case did not come as a surprise, and furthermore opens the door to the prosecution of members of the military council using international mechanisms, after remedies inside Egypt have been exhausted.
7 March 2012
European Bank for Development Encourages Egypt to Pursue its Pre-Revolution Privatization Schemes
The European Bank for Development and Reconstruction issues a strategy for Egypt that does not include human development as a goal
6 March 2012
After 10 Years of Detention Without Trial: Egyptian Government Fails to Assist Last Egyptian in Guantanamo
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) today urged the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the Egyptian government and the People’s Assembly to take all immediate measures to demand that the American government release Egyptian national Tarek Mahmoud Ahmed El-Sawah, who has been detained without trial for over ten years at Guantanamo.
1 March 2012
Civil Society Presents Draft Freedom of Information Act: Freedom of Information Promotes Investment, Ensures Social Justice and Protects National Security
Civil society organisations, along with a number of academics and media figures, presented a draft Freedom of Information Act to the People's Assembly on Monday 27th February during a hearing held by the Human Rights Committee of the Assembly.
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