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20 Jun 2012 - 11 Apr 2021
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Interactive: Mapping the Sahel drought
Aid agencies say the combined effects of poor weather conditions and governance have placed millions of lives at risk.
Last Modified: 20 Jun 2012 05:51 GMT
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Burkina Faso food crisis worsened by influx
Sahel region faces malnutrition crisis
Malian refugees in Niger await food and water
Food crisis in West Africa
In pictures: The Sahel drought
Eight countries across West Africa face a humanitarian crisis, as millions of people go hungry.
Analysis: Understanding the Sahel drought
Scientists say that the current drought in the Sahel began as far back the 1960s.
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Traders and shoppers in the markets of Burkina Faso tell us how the drought in Sahel is affecting their lives.The ICRC says the combination of insecurity and drought has made entire populations vulnerable.
Sahel region faces malnutrition crisis
UN says one million children at risk of dying of hunger in parts of Africa's Sahel region amid drought and unrest.
Malian refugees in Niger await food and water
Concerns over access to basic essentials after more than 22,000 people flee continued fighting in Mali.
UN bodies say 11 million people in five countries will face a food crisis if early warning systems are ignored.Millions on the brink of starvation as drought and conflict combine
Africa's famine: Seeing is believing
Facts and figures may be correct, but they only tell half the story of the world's worst food crisis in a half century.
Of poor rains and withered harvests
It is hard to cover a drought when it rains.
And boy did it rain in Burkina Faso's capital Ouagadougou the night before we set out for The Sahel.
The flashlights of the hotel's night watchmen sliced through the darkness as they ran about the wind-whipped trees, checking everything wa
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Horn of Africa Drought
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