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23 Mar 2011 - 24 Apr 2021
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Was the Spanish bank bailout botched?
It has been a big week in Europe, with what was once seen as a periphery crisis now clearly heading towards the core.
Last Modified: 24 Jun 2012 12:02 GMT
Counting the Cost
Was the Spanish bank bailout botched?
Rio+20: A corporate environment?
Lessons for Europe from Japan's 'lost decade'
Myanmar: Open for business
CEO of Thai Airways: Heading to departures?
It kills 655,000 people a year but there is a $3bn shortfall in funding.Thailand's prime minister talks about a country in recovery after last year's deadly floods.
The cost of sustainability
In this environment special, we examine Peru's new gold rush and ask if Asia can balance growth and emissions.
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 12 May 2012 08:12 GMT
China and the two Sudans
Can there be profit without politics for the biggest investor in the two uncomfortably interdependent countries?
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 05 May 2012 08:06 GMT
The Murdochs: Money, power, influence
Did British politicians get too close to Rupert Murdoch's family and News Corp?
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 28 Apr 2012 08:30 GMT
Argentina's president vs capitalism
Counting the Cost finds out how an audacious move to nationalise Argentina's oil company has triggered a diplomatic row.
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 27 Apr 2012 16:01 GMT
The cost of the 'war on drugs'
From the farmers to the traders, the cartels to the consumers, we assess the economics of the 'war on drugs'.
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 15 Apr 2012 12:51 GMT
The business of cancer
As advancements in DNA sequencing technology lead to personalised treatments, we examine the cost of the war on cancer.
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 07 Apr 2012 11:53 GMT
Cash flight out of Afghanistan
Will the country's economy collapse as billions in aid money leave the country along with international security forces?
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 06 Apr 2012 17:16 GMT
Hong Kong: The future of Asia's financial hub
How will the election of a new leader affect Hong Kong's financial freedom?
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 25 Mar 2012 11:48 GMT
Zimbabwe's 'black empowerment'
How will Zimbabwe's new empowerment laws affect the country's economy?
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 17 Mar 2012 15:16 GMT
China's economic transformation
As China's economic boom is built on exports, where will the country turn when that starts to falter?
Counting the Cost Last Modified: 10 Mar 2012 13:44 GMT

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