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The sunshine state is submerged
A state of emergency is declared across Florida.
Last Modified: 26 Jun 2012 10:38 GMT
In Pictures
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Rain or shine - it's Wimbledon
The 'art' of keeping the tournament running, whatever the weather.
Richard Angwin Last Modified: 25 Jun 2012 10:55 GMT
In pictures: The Sahel drought
Eight countries across West Africa face a humanitarian crisis, as millions of people go hungry.
Last Modified: 25 Jun 2012 09:49 GMT
Week in pictures, June 18-24
From protests in Sudan to announcement of Egypt's new president, Al Jazeera showcases this week in images.
Al Jazeera staff Last Modified: 24 Jun 2012 22:03 GMT
In Pictures: Morsi's victory
Large crowds celebrate as Muslim Brotherhood candidate wins second round of Egyptian presidential election.
Al Jazeera staff Last Modified: 24 Jun 2012 21:13 GMT
In pictures: Tel Aviv's African migrants
Fresh uncertainties face thousands seeking a better life, as Israel launches a crackdown with a view to deport them.
Ben Piven Last Modified: 24 Jun 2012 12:38 GMT
The dodgy summer continues across the UK
The Isle of Wight Music Festival is turned into a mud bath.
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2012 12:18 GMT
In Pictures: Wimbledon contenders
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2012 11:30 GMT
Summer and winter solstice celebrations
How the longest, or shortest, day was welcomed around the world.
Richard Angwin Last Modified: 22 Jun 2012 11:26 GMT
In Pictures: Anti-SCAF protesters at Tahrir
Egyptians demonstrate in Cairo's Tahrir Square over ruling military council's decision to claim new powers.
Last Modified: 20 Jun 2012 04:34 GMT
In Pictures: Brazil's 'sand people'
Leaders meet in Rio for a conference on the environment, while others learn to live with the reality of climate change.
Gabriel Elizondo Last Modified: 19 Jun 2012 22:52 GMT

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