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Country Information
The Saudi Arabian state was first established in the central region of the Arabian Peninsula in the early 18th century.

Facts & Figures
Brief introductions to various aspects of Saudi Arabia, including information on traditional business hours, holidays, currency and the national flag.
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Visa Information
Requirements and forms for obtaining visas, as well as information on services for Saudi nationals.

Traveler’s Information
The place to start if considering travel to Saudi Arabia.

Map of Provinces & Governors
Saudi Arabia is divided into 13 provinces, each with a capital city and governor.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam and the most significant manifestation of Islamic faith and unity. 

Several multimedia programs are available that may help you better understand the country of Saudi Arabia, our culture and our people. We offer these programs in the following groupings:
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Saudi Arabia
Over recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been confronted with what many consider its greatest challenge: achieving modernity without surrendering its heritage, faith, or culture. Seventy-five years ago, Saudi Arabia did not exist; today, it is a nation marked by sophisticated political, legal, and financial systems, with a culture rich in history and deep in faith.
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