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While quick online access to images, videos and music may be second nature to us now, just a decade ago it was almost unimaginable. We were the first company to license imagery online - and continue to drive the industry forward. Our goal is to inspire communicators - and give them the tools to create inspiring work of their own.
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About Getty Images
We are a leading provider of digital media worldwide, creating and distributing a range of assets – from royalty-free stock photography and editorial images to video, music and multimedia – that help communicators around the globe tell their stories.

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Our extensive image and stock illustration offering spans everything from conceptual rights-managed and royalty-free creative images to up-to-the-minute editorial coverage – including news, sport and celebrity photos – and timeless vintage photography.
From premium stock video to daily entertainment video, we've got commercial-quality clips to fit every project. Choose from a range of creative and editorial options, including stock and royalty-free video, as well as classic archival video.
Rock, hip hop, electronic and beyond, our music catalogs – Premium Playlist and Pump Audio – cover a world of genres and artists. Powerful original tracks, not stock music, by internationally acclaimed and up-and-coming acts, along with streamlined music licensing.

Connect by Getty Images
Connect is Getty Images' industry-leading suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide companies prime access to Getty Images' content, metadata and search technologies for integration directly within their publishing tools, products and services. Connect allows you to streamline your processes and costs, automate content selection and publishing, elevate your products and services, and develop new ways to serve your customers and generate incremental revenue.
Along with industry-leading images, video and music, we've got an array of tools and services to make your job easier – from search tips and trend research to blogs and podcasts that help you keep up on the latest in visual culture.
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Step 1: Search
Kick off your search by entering keywords in the search box to preview our Creative or Editorial library of images. And if you want to brainstorm while you search, try Catalyst.
Stock imagery
Choose Creative images to view stock photos that are trend-researched, art-directed and shot by professional photographers. Search keywords can include concepts like innovation or emotions like happiness.
News, sport and entertainment imagery
Choose Editorial images for news, sport and entertainment photography. Search terms can include names like barack obama or events like the oscars.
Step 2: License
Licenses are a good thing. They allow you to legally use our images in your projects. The most common types of licenses are royalty-free and rights-managed. Get a quick overview of licensing models, then start your search.
Royalty-free licenses
Royalty-free(RF) licensing is based on size, and pricing is available right when you select an image. Royalty-free means you don't have to pay any additional royalties for successive uses of a product – it's an unlimited-use license.
Rights-managed licenses
Rights-managed (RM) image licensing is based on usage, and pricing is calculated once you provide usage specifications. These images are from our premier collections and offer highly stylized images with high production value – some can be licensed with exclusive rights.
Step 3: Download
So you've selected your image size and price and now you're ready to add to your cart, then check out and download. You can bill to a credit card, or you can establish a company account, or add yourself to an existing one, for credit terms or tax-exempt purchasing.

Need an image to evaluate or use in comps and layouts? You can download an image for preview at anytime from the image details page; you just won't be able to use it in any final projects.

And if you have a question at any point, you can contact us.
Frequently asked questions
How do I price imagery?
What am I actually purchasing?
My search results aren't what I expected. Why?

How do I price imagery?
During your search, you'll find images that are designated as either royalty-free (RF) or rights-managed (RM). Prices for royalty-free licensing are based on size, and are available right when you select an image. Rights-managed licensing requires a few extra clicks to define usage specifications and establish pricing.
What am I actually purchasing?
When you "purchase" media, you are actually purchasing a license for the rights to use that media. The price of the media is based on the type of license you choose and the usage specifications you provide (note that usage specifications are only required for rights-managed and rights-ready media). Depending on how you assign the license, either you (the purchaser) or someone else (3rd party individual or company) will own the right to use the media as outlined in the licensing agreement.
My search results aren't what I expected. Why?
When you're searching 24.7 million images, sometimes it's tough to find exactly what you're looking for. So we've developed tools to make your search easier and more streamlined.
  • Our quick search demo will orient you on all of our search capabilities.
  • Our keyword guide will help you with keyword suggestions that enable you to locate the ideal image or clip.
  • And if you want to visually brainstorm while you search, use Catalyst.
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