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Getty Images Jobs
Welcome to our world.

And watch that first step -- it's a quick one, with constant innovation, open communication and intense creativity setting the pace.

But we know how to balance work and play. And we enjoy our community of gifted, intelligent people. Interesting people -- the kind you like to have in your book club or meet at a party. We thrive on challenge. We're comfortable in the midst of change. We support each other and learn from each other.

And we laugh. A lot.

Quotes from our employees: Our personality colors us
I see support, humour and talent from my co-workers. And someone, somewhere, can always help. Dan, Sydney
I'm inspired by the passion of the people here and the power of the images we work with. Josh, London
We don't all think alike, and that's celebrated here. Jason, Seattle
It's fulfilling here because the company ensures that we continue to learn. Andrew, Chicago
I come in each day knowing that I'll be working with some of the brightest and coolest people around. Sarah, Seattle
Variety, diversity, professionalism and humor. Cécile, Paris
We believe in and rely on each other's support, and it works. Jeff, Seattle
Being privy to a global perspective is one of the best parts of the job! Pamela, NY
I like being given the freedom to work through problems and find solutions. Sarah, Seattle
There's a sense of togetherness. People are always willing to help. Sally, London
Who we are: Opening remarks
A passion for images and...
It's probably pretty obvious that a company with the name "Getty Images" does something with images.

And we did start out selling stock photography -- the kind of photos you see every day in magazine ads and articles, on the covers of books, in newspapers. Anywhere pictures can be used to communicate.

But as Getty Images grew, we saw that visual communicators needed more than our high-quality imagery. So we began to add other products and services.

With each new product we've created, each new service we've added, our teams have strived to make it the best in the industry. And our numerous awards -- for our website, news images, creative photography and more -- are a testament to our success.
Who we are: Getty Images 101
Let's take it from the top

Here's a quick aerial view of the company. We create and distribute a broad range of high-quality digital media collections, making them available in the most accessible and usable way – 24 hours a day, every day.

From contemporary creative photos to news, sport, entertainment and archival imagery, to music and footage, our products are found daily in the full range of traditional and digital media worldwide.

Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein founded Getty Images in 1995 with the goal of turning a disjointed and fragmented stock photography market into a thriving, modernized industry able to meet the changing needs of visual communicators. We were the first company to license imagery via the web, moving the entire industry online.

Based in Seattle with 20 offices worldwide, Getty Images is a truly global company. We tailor our products and services for customers in more than 100 countries and offer localized image data and contextual search capabilities in eight local languages.
Who we are: A glimpse at our resume
Show, not tell

We can tell you we're good, our work is high-quality, blah, blah, blah. But you're probably more interested in what we can show to back up that claim. So here's a sample from the Entertainment section of our resume:

Exclusive Photographer for: ESPY Awards; Grammy Awards; London, Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals; SAG Awards; Tony Awards -- and many more events.

House Photographer for: AMAs, ACMAs, AFI Awards, NAACP Awards, People's Choice Awards, Alma Awards

Accredited Sports Photo Supplier for: International Olympic Committee, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, ATP Tennis, NASCAR, USTA and approximately 50 other international sports governing bodies.
Who we are: Our award-winning work
"Friendliest guy" is nice, but...

Every time you see a reference to our "award-winning photographers", you wonder just what kind of awards we're talking about. Because there are the "friendliest guy in the office" type of awards and then there are the awards from the heavy hitters like the National Press Photographers Association Photojournalist "Best of Photojournalism" competition.

Take a look at the awards we've won.
What defines us: At the heart
What's at the heart of Getty Images?

A passion for imagery, a desire for excellence
These definitely contribute to the company's character and its success. But what really define Getty Images are the attitudes and actions of each person who works here.

It's not just what you do, but how you do it
Now, that sounds good -- but what does it actually mean? At Getty Images it means we not only want to make a profit, we want to make a difference.

So we participate, as individuals and corporately, in giving back to our communities -- both locally and globally.

And, from CEO to receptionist to photo editor, we all incorporate a common set of values -- the Leadership Principles -- into our daily work lives. With each email we send, each meeting we sit through, each decision we make -- we put them into practice.
What defines us: Living the Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles
Trustworthiness, Transparency and Openness
Insist on honesty, integrity and openness.

How this actually works: When someone asks your opinion about a project -- they really want it. You can ask for help -- and get it. And if you have a question for our CEO -- ask it.
Raise the bar
It is incumbent upon us to increase our standards of performance and strive for excellence.

How this actually works: You'll hear the words "change," "improve" and "innovation" a lot. You won't hear "Because we've always done it that way" or "Who cares?"
Lead by example
We are stewards of inspiring excellence and consistently demonstrating our values.

How this actually works: Even when you know it's contrary to popular opinion, you voice your idea for improving a product. And your push toward excellence is appreciated.
One voice
Collective responsibility must be embraced.

How this actually works: Each of us makes a vital contribution to the company. So we all celebrate the company's successes. And if the company falls short, we all share the pain.
Bring me solutions
Identifying a problem is important, but finding the solution is far more valuable.

How this actually works: "I have a way to fix this problem that I've come to complain about."
No silos
It's not "their" problem -- it's "our" problem.

How this actually works: If you're in IT and you're trying to answer a question for someone in Usability, you can call Sales and Sales will have Linguistics call you with an answer.
The obligation to care
We must truly care about this business and our colleagues.

How this actually works: Images fill our workspaces. We stand discussing photos hanging in the hall. We laugh and we cry over pictures our photographers capture.

And the people we work with? They aren't just co-workers -- they're our friends, our community. We spend time together because we just plain enjoy each other!
What defines us: Corporate giving

A catalyst for change

Our belief that images have the power to change the world shapes the way we give to our communities and our industry. Using our core strengths -- imagery and people -- we've created meaningful and mutually beneficial programs in three broad areas:

Helping young professionals succeed by using imagery effectively:
This is increasingly vital to the success of young professionals in a wide range of careers. That's why we support numerous visual arts education and youth photography programs, including:

aaf.org asiapacificadfest.com bridgesweb.org​canneslions.com/yccompetition​eddieadamsworkshop.com hatchfest.com​ianparry.org kids-with-cameras.org​marketphotoworkshop.co.za smithfund.org​ygaward.com youthinfocus.org

Elevating imagery as the world's unifying visual language:
From grant-giving to sponsorships, we support and develop programs that use imagery to create positive change and enable communication, including:

Getty Images grants

Empowering nonprofits to tell their stories with imagery:
To help them raise awareness and gather support, we offer low-cost imagery solutions to many groups and involve them in collaborative image projects, including:

Why work here:
When you explore gettyimages.com, you'll see our incredible images, learn about our wide range of products and services, and read about our many successes.

But when it comes right down to making a career choice, why would you want to commit to spending approximately half your waking hours* with us? (Apart from the obvious answer, “Because I need a job.”)

Of course, there are the tangible rewards, including competitive pay and benefits, bonus eligibility for all employees, and a variety of educational assistance plans.

And all those are great. But what do we have to offer that's unique -- that you can relate to on a gut level? What will inspire you to leave your cozy bed every morning and catch the bus for work?

We asked our employees -- the people most qualified to answer that question -- for their input ...
People who've been here for over ten years still have the same passion they had on day one. Joe, New York
I think a general feeling of camaraderie and teamwork is felt across the company. Sarah, Seattle
I'm inspired by the inventive thinking that makes us the leaders in our industry. Sarah, Seattle
The heart of Getty Images is creativity. Jeff, Seattle
Open collaboration enables us to continue growing and learning from each other. Rusty, Seattle
There is only one constant here and that is change – no time to get quagmired; we're moving too fast. Craig, Los Angeles
Getty Images has assembled an extraordinary organization of talented employees, ranging from established industry leaders to ambitious young professionals. Helen, Los Angeles
Diversity of individuals. We don't all think alike and that is one of the ingredients that works and is celebrated here. Jason, Seattle
I don't think a day goes by at the office that I don't laugh almost to the point of tears Howie, New York
The Chicago office -- which has been recognized for two years consecutively as one of the "101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For" in Illinois -- is unique for many reasons.

We have an amazing staff of approximately 100 employees, 93 of whom are on the sales team. And since there's more to work than working, we have fun perks, including a Ping-Pong table, Atari and in-office yoga. But the perks don't stop there –- we have our kitchen stocked with PB&J, bread, oatmeal, popcorn and soups.

We also enjoy extracurricular athletic activities such as softball and bowling, and some of us sit on stability balls in the office to get in a little extra exercise during the day.

But our most unique quality? One quarter of all Getty Images revenue is generated from here in the Chicago office.

Getty Images Jobs in Chicago
Our main London office -- open-plan with a laid-back atmosphere -- is located in Camden, London's music hub and a popular tourist destination. The first thing that needs to be said about the main London office is that it has bright pink walls in the stairwell -- and now we can focus on the really important things ...

The monthly subsidized massages, tastelondon subscription (offering up to 50% off top London restaurants), corporate membership to Fitness First Gym and great coffee from our machines.

Getty Images jobs in London
Los Angeles

In the Los Angeles office, we believe in working hard and playing hard, and we're passionate about giving our staff a creative, fun and relaxing environment with perks like employee social activities (for example, the annual miniature golf tournament), charitable events and Friday massages. We also celebrate Bagel Thursdays, in memory of our good friend Adam Zibell. We have the only office in the "Getty Images kingdom" with a green screen video studio, used mainly for our multimedia projects like the daily WireImage Entertainment Report.

Getty Images jobs in Los Angeles
Our German offices are characterized by young, dynamic, sales-oriented teams who don't worry too much about hierarchy, and have a passion for film and photography. From our base in Munich, we oversee the German, Austrian and Swiss markets.

We also enjoy getting together to celebrate our team achievements, whether at a barbecue in the courtyard or heading out in style to trendy locations.

Getty Images jobs in Munich
New York
In the New York office, home to a diverse group of about 350 employees, we often say that we're a corporation but not really corporate. That's the beauty of our office environment.

Forget steam-pressed suits and shined leather shoes -- we stay true to our blue jeans. Even flip-flops make an appearance once in a while. Candy-colored walls keep our work days bright and floor-to-ceiling windows provide a great view of the city and the Hudson River.

Our calendar isn't complete without seasonal parties, Passion for Picture seminars and end-of-the-month lunches. If we need downtime during the day, we can always head to the kitchen for a round of Ping-Pong and a bag of popcorn. And the commute to work is made extra sweet with a subsidy for transit costs.

Getty Images jobs in New York
In the Paris office, the average tenure is nine years -- proof that we're a happy group. We have over 65 employees, representing 10 different nationalities. Most of our work is focused on sales, and we manage regional employees in Spain, Italy and Portugal out of our office.

Getty Images jobs in Paris
Home of Getty Images headquarters, the Seattle office has over 400 employees, many of whom work in Technology and Finance. But don't let that give you the wrong impression -- we mostly take our corporate personality cues from our quirky Fremont neighborhood, the self-proclaimed "Center of the Universe."

Because we have the company's only photo studio, we're not surprised when we encounter a line of 12-year-olds waiting for their casting call.

We enjoy all kinds of in-office social events, gathering in the lunchroom and on the adjoining sundeck for everything from pancake feeds to sampling locally brewed chocolate ale. And you'll often find people socializing in the kitchen on each floor as they make a sandwich from the bread and PB&J; (that's always available) or grab a free can of soda or Talking Rain from the cooler. Other perks include free annual Metro passes, free flu shots and great discounts at our neighborhood shops and restaurants.

Getty Images jobs in Seattle
Our Sydney office is much like the city of Sydney as a whole -- we have a very relaxed environment and the people here are open and outgoing. We get along extremely well with each other, and there's always a lot of chatter and laughter going on.

As home to the Asia Pacific regional hub, we have 65 employees working in a cross-section of different functions, including Sales, Marketing, Creative, Research, Editorial, Picture Desk, Photographers, Finance, IT, Facilities, HR, Legal and Corporate Communications.

We have everything from bright colors on the walls to an espresso machine to keep us happy in the office. Other perks include drinks every fortnight (not to be confused with Friday drinks), a Nintendo Wii, six plasma screen TVs, and milk delivered daily.

The Tokyo office is centrally located in Harajuku, a major fashion and shopping region. Our office is nice and small -- you can see everyone's face from your desk.

We work well as a team, without any "walls" between us. Because we're so cooperative and really trust each other, we have a lot of positive energy, even under pressure.

And most important, we have a snack table at the center of the office, so there are always plenty of sweets and other kinds of treats to keep us going.

Getty Images jobs in Tokyo
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