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20 Aug 2012 - 02 Apr 2016
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BBC Advertising regularly partners with research bodies to analyse user behaviour and thus provide insights in to changes in consumer behaviour. Our recent studies reveal.
  • the effectiveness of online display advertising on bbc.com in shifting consumer perceptions and driving purchase behaviour​;
  • the role played by three distinct types of opinion leader in creating word of mouth recommendations;
  • that the online environment where products are advertised dramatically impacts how the audience perceives them; and
  • that tablet devices are boosting audiences’ appetite for news and transforming the way they consume it.

Online display ads
Dress Test research
Consuming news on tablet devices
Word of Mouth insights
Carolyn Gibson
SVP - Int'l Sales, EMEA & US
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Mark Gall
SVP - BBC America & BBC.com Media Sales
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Sunita Rajan
SVP - Int'l Sales, Asia
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