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24 Aug 2012 - 10 Nov 2013
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Doctor Who advertising opportunities
Watched across 206 territories and with an audience of 77 million1 in the UK, USA and Australia alone, Doctor Who embodies fun, fear and friendship across time and space, promising the thrill of adventure for kids and dry, clever humour for adults. 

A Doctor Who advertising partnership (TV outside the UK) aligns your brand with the show’s timeless appeal to broad audiences. Advertising with Doctor Who helps brands to travel across TV, mobile and PC screens, and beyond through events and branded merchandise.

Key numbers
Over 77 million viewers in the UK, USA and Australia alone1 
Broadcast in 206 territories worldwide - 33 million fans in the USA and 3.41 million fans in Australia2
4 million2 Facebook fans, with 80% being regular users Doctor Who is the top-selling TV season in 2011 on iTunes USA3 
Proven response driver: Sonic Screwdriver toy regularly tops Amazon sales charts in the hour after US broadcasts4 
8 million action figures sold5 since Jan 2010, 41.8 million have seen Doctor Who in the UK, which is over 73% of the ‘TV population’6

Doctor Who fan profile
Advertising opportunities
2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, officially the most successful family entertainment show ever. This provides the perfect platform for Doctor Who advertising partners leveraging the show’s timeless appeal and innovative brand.
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Other opportunities
1  2cv Doctor Who segmentation study 2011 (UK, USA and Australia)
Facebook, May 2012
3  iTunes 9 Dec 2011
4  Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver was the #1 toy sold on amazon.com between the hour of 10pm – 11pm following the episodes S6 #2, #3, and #4 which featured Underground Toys advertising.
Characters Options: refers to the 5" range of articulated action figures only during 2005-2011
6  BARB (three-minute reach)

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Manager, Branded Content
+44203 642 6497
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