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Tuesday, 28 August, 2012, 6:38 ( 4:38 GMT )
Her father's daughter
Aisha Gaddafi had proved herself to be very much of her father's daughter. I think Aisha would do well to pray for her father and brother and do some charitable work in their name, to bring relief to thousands of Libyan children orphaned, and women widowed, just because one mad man will not see sense.
Congratulations on Freeing Yourselves
A quick note to to congratulate all involved throughout Arabia, with regards to "the Arab awakening"!
Suggestion: Creating A National Heritage Site for The New Libya
The rubbles and ravage caused by the war in my homeland Libya is nothing compared to the 42 years of inner desolation of our people. The liberation amidst physical damage now brings forth a vision for the future of the new Libya.
British Embassies Impose British Way of Life upon Others, Contrary to Human Rights Laws.
It should go without saying that when a British embassy settles in a state it should acquire enough knowledge of the culture, religion, politics and economics of that state. However this was not always the case.
Israel’s Attack on Flotilla was Brutal, Unjustifiable
Israel's attack on the fleet of humanitarian boats was unjustifiable, brutal.
Condolences from Gabriel Eljasinki, Poland
The Latest from Israel
As reported in The Tripoli Post's issue number 293 of March 6, NATO forces admitted liquidation of 10 schoolboys in Afghanistan, as killing of Muslims continues.
NATO Allies have no Credentials as Great Fighting-force
As reported in the Tripoli Post, issue 290 (February 14), in order to kill the maximum number of Muslims in the forthcoming attack on Taliban stronghold in the Helmand province of Afghanistan, the American-led invading forces have sealed escape routes for Taliban.
On Feeling No Guilt for Accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, Shame and Abandoning the Palestinians
"Isn't it a shame that Jews from all over the world have a right to settle in Israel, but the Palestinians who have lived there for generations have no rights and are constantly uprooted brutally from their ancestral land to make way for the new arrivals and this does not embarrass the enlightened people of the West who consider themselves the champions of human rights and dignity."
An Apology on Behalf of Canadians
Dear Editor,
This e-mail has been written to apologize on behalf of Canadians and our mis-informed Prime Minister.
Theory of Evolution and Scientific Facts
I would like to express my opinion on the article( BEFORE "LUCY" THERE WAS "ARDI") publishes on the Tripoli post of this week on page no. 17 which I truly believe that should be revised in terms of (different between theory and scientific facts).
Compensation Laws for Supplying of Weapons Must Apply to All Nations
Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, son of the Libyan Leader Muammer Gadhafi is absolutely correct on the issue of the supposed supply of munitions to the IRA by Libya.
The Double Standards of the US Justice System
Today the news of the release of accused bomber Abdelbasset Mohmed Al-Megrahi of the PanAm flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988 on compassionate grounds by Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacCaskill was received by many people as being too lenient.
Little Window of Opportunity
As the G-20 nations met to discuss the crisis in London recently, so should the African Union.
Health-care Reform is Needed, Extensive and a Long Process
Prof. Elkhammas thank you for your article (Libya's Health Sector: A Surgeon's Viewpoint, The Tripoli Post, 20 June 2009) and I commented previously on Mr. Zaptia's article in which I focused on health-care being 'unique' in that it is of utmost monumental importance; as health-care is about life and death; something anyone anywhere takes very seriously.
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 Her father's daughter 
 Congratulations on Freeing Yourselves 
 Suggestion: Creating A National Heritage Site for The New Libya 
 British Embassies Impose British Way of Life upon Others, Contrary to Human Rights Laws. 
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Congratulations on Freeing Yourselves
A quick note to to congratulate all involved throughout Arabia, with regards to "the Arab awakening"!
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