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 South Africa Lonmin Miners Given Deadline to Return to Work 
As the country is observing a week of national mourning declared so by President Jabob Zuma, striking workers at the South African mine where police shot dead 34 miners on Thursday have been given a deadline by mine owner Lonmin to go report back to work by Monday or face dismissal.
 Update: Libya Arrests 32 Gaddafi Loyalists Over Tripoli Bombings 
Libya says it has arrested 32 supporters of former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in connection with bombings that killed two people in the capital earlier Sunday.
 Libyan Official Blames Former Regime Supporters for Car Bombs in Tripoli 
Libyan Deputy Interior Minister blamed desperate remnants of supporters of former oppressive regime as being behind Sunday’s two car explosions in Tripoli saying they will be brought to justice.
 Seif Gaddafi Could Go On Trial in Zintan September 
Libya's newly-elected government intends to put Seif al-Islam Gaddafi on trial next month in the mountain town of Zintan, after striking deal with the independent militia which caught him trying to escape across the desert last November.
 Blast on Sudan Plane Kills 31 
A blast aboard a plane carrying an "official delegation" to Sudan's war-torn South Kordofan state for the Muslim Eid holiday on Sunday killed all 31 on board, an aviation official said in the Suanese capital, Khartoum.
 Former British Ambassador, LSE Professor Take Uk Govt to Task Over Threat Against Ecuador Over Assange 
Former British ambassador to Libya Oliver Miles has said that Britain’s threat to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange “was a big mistake”, while an LSE professor describes as “stupid,” the British foreign secretary’s suggestion of breaching the Ecuadorian embassy’s security.
 Libya to Licence Private Internet Service Providers 
For the first time, the Libyan government has indicated that it would issue local private sector companies with full internet service provider (ISP) licences to offer online access across the country.
 Car bombs Kill Two People in Libyan Capital, Tripoli 
Two car bombs rocked Tripoli in Libya at approximately 6:00 a.m. local time. They occurred near the interior ministry and the women's military academy that have killed two people and wounding three more.
 A Libyan Eid 
Eid Elfitr is the celebration that occurs after a month of fasting and the translation is the breaking of the fast celebration. The feast itself starts with a very early Eid prayer in the Mosque. Chanting in mosques of (Allahhuakbar Wa Lilah Alhamd) God is great and praise is to Allah will echo all over Libya, indeed all over the Muslim world.
 Libyan Football League Kicks Off October 20 
The Libyan General Football Federation has set the date of October 20 for the commencement of the Libyan football league (2012-2013) that was suspended 20 months ago, in February 2011 with the launching of the February 17 Revolution. The championship has been given the name of Liberation League.
 Ahli Tripoli Win UAE Tournament 
IN view of the commencement in a few week's time of the 2012/13 Football League Championship, Libyan clubs have been testing their strength mostly in warm-up games against foreign opposition, mostly outside of Libya. One of these clubs, Ahli Tripoli, who with Al Ittihad had dominated the previous domestic competitions, took part in, and won an international Tournament in the United Arab Emirates.
 Hajj by Lottery 
It's about this time of year, as Muslims prepare for the end of Ramadan and the Eid holiday that the names of applicants for Hajj visas are picked out of a basket. Sound funny enough? It's true. The allocation of Hajj visas in Libya is centered on a system of chance, a lottery.
 Opinion: Eccentric Gaddafi or Eccentric Green? - by Hussain Abdulrazzaq Kreiba 
Many Libyans hate green although it is associated with life. Green fields and woodlands always make us feel thrilled as we enjoy the beauty of nature.However, Libyans’ experience with green during the past decades was affected by the fact that such a colour was adopted by Gaddafi to represent the identity of his regime.
 Libya: The Incident at Rixos 
Facing the open toilet in a prison cell with ten other Libyan inmates, my wishful article on Libya’s elections and future democracy seemed the more surreal – this is the true story of how a Danish lawyer/ journalist in bathing guest guise caused a consular crisis in the new Libya – a cautious tale of the precarious transition to democracy and the rule of law.
 Handing Over of Former Gaddafi Loyalists to Libya Soon 
Way back in March, media reports indicated that Egypt would be responding to the Libyan authorities' demands for the extradition to Libya of Egypt-based former Muammar Gaddafi loyalists. Now, it seems, the time has arrived for some of them to be returned to Libya
 The 10-10-10 philosophy of a Libyan Ramadan 
Ramadan is perceived in thirds or ten-day intervals both from a religious point view and a materialistic point of view. Religiously speaking for Muslims the month of Ramadan is thought of as a chance at redemption from a year’s worth of sins.
 For World Humanitarian Day, UN Highlights Power of Individual Action to Spark Global Change 
umanitarian Day on August 19, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has highlighted the power of individual actions to spark global changes, and praised the work of humanitarian workers who provide assistance to vulnerable people around the world.
 Syria: Fighter Jet Bombing Kills Over 40 Civilians, HRW says 
Three Syrian government fighter jet bombed a residential neighborhood, killing more than 40 civilians and wounding at least 100 others in the town of Azaz, including many women and children, Human Rights Watch, HRW, has said after visiting the town. In the attack at least two bombs destroyed an entire block of houses in the al-Hara al-Kablie neighbourhood of Azaz, in Syria’s northern Aleppo province.
 Ramadan in London: A Microcosm of the Arab World 
I love the spiritual side of Ramadan in London,” Houda Mizioudet from Tunisia who is holidaying in London told The Tripoli Post. I don’t like Ramadan in Tunisia. I love the cosmopolitan side of London. You go to different London mosques. In any London mosque you find people from all over the world. It is like a microcosm [of the Muslim world.]
 Algerian Diplomat Lakhdar Ibrahimi Appointed Annan's Replacement as UN-Arab League Envoy on Syria Crisis 
Veteran diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi will be the new Joint Special Representative of the United Nations and League of Arab States for the crisis in Syria, taking over the peace-facilitation role played over the past several months by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, a spokesperson for the world organization said Friday.
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Total E & P Eager to Invest Widely in Libya, Takes Advantage of Libyan Economic Surge this Year
Vice President of TOTAL E&P; North Africa said despite security concerns in Libya TOTAL has managed to work in Tripoli as well as on the fields, both safely and efficiently. The surge of Libyan economy by 117 percent this year is to be met by re-starting exploration activities.
Dubai’s Belhasa Group Opens in Branch in Tripoli
Following the recent launching of a branch officie in the Libyan capital, Tripoli of the Belhasa Trading and Development, a subsidiary of the Belhasa Group of Companies, has recently opened a branch office in Libyan capital of Tripoli. Samer Malkawi, managing director of the Libyan office said that Libya is a promising country with a high potential for any type of businesses.
Business Opportunities in Libya: Positive Outlook for Foreign Companies
There are extensive business opportunities in Libya for foreign companies even though the country still faces many challenges including endemic corruption and smuggling which accounts for 40 percent of GDP and is equivalent to the defence budget. This is of great concern to Libya’s neighbours and to Libya itself.
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