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30 Nov 2010 - 20 May 2014
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Braille plates for School for the Blind
18/11/2010 16:47:00
Tripoli, 14th November 2010. The RWE Dea North Africa Branch in Libya has donated 1,500 zinc plates for the printing of school books in Braille to the "Nour Association of the Blind" in Tripoli.

"Through the zinc plates, we want to provide the Nour Association with support for their task of facilitating an education to children and adults with severe visual impairments," explains Dr Thomas Radwitz, General Manager of the RWE Dea Libya Branch. The RWE Dea Libya Branch has already been providing support to the Nour Association for the last five years starting 2005. The association runs the School for the Blind in Tripoli at which both children and adults learn to use Braille within the context of tuition. Some school books for the various subjects at the School for the Blind are printed in Braille at the school itself and handed out to the more than 200 pupils.

Special zinc plates are used to print in Braille. This type of printing utilises patterns of dots that are pressed into the plates as a master for printing. Later, these patterns are transferred to the paper of the school books, so that they can be detected as protrusions using one's fingertips. The used zinc plates are collected at the school’s own library and can be reused for reprinting at any time.

Before, RWE Dea has already assisted the Nour Society to purchase 20 Braille typewriters. With this years donation of the Braille plates, RWE Dea wants to put the Nour Society in the position to print and provide new books for their students.

Community engagement is a firm element of the corporate culture of RWE Dea and reflects the company’s commitment for a special social responsibility towards the countries in which the company operates.

The objective is to deliver a sustainable contribution towards the social and economic development of a country through carefully selected projects. The emphasis in terms of engagement is placed on the areas of education and environmental protection. For this reason Fuad El-Haggagi, Deputy General Manager, stated that RWE Dea Libya has for some years also been involved in the further education of young Libyans through its own trainee programme.

The company has been operating in Libya, one of the most important regional focal areas in terms of the upstream business of RWE Dea, since June 2003.
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