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17 Nov 2001 - 01 Jan 2019
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Sadie J - New Season
Weekdays 7:30pm EST/PST
Sadie J is back! Once again, she's trying to make the ungainly leap from awkward tomboy to girly teenager - but just can't help falling flat on her face!
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Horrible Histories
Weekdays 6:30pm EST/PST, Weekends 7pm EST/ PST
It's the parts of history that most schoolbooks leave out - beheadings, singing Vikings, Stone-Age shopping channels - y'know, the fun stuff. It's rude, silly and it's funny 'cause it's true. Enjoy our brand new season of shows with all the hilarious history you need.
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The Sarah Jane Adventures
Sundays, Fridays 8pm EST/PST
Sarah Jane Smith and her plucky sidekicks are back for the final ever episodes. Series Five sees the bubbly Sky - the Starchild given to Sarah Jane by The Doctor (Doctor Who) to look after - settle into Bannerman Road only to discover she has amazing telekinetic powers!
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