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12 Oct 2012 - 08 Aug 2014
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BBC Earth: reach and audience
BBC Earth reaches a very broad audience, as most are interested in the natural world.  We have identified five key consumer groups who are all looking for a different type of interaction.

Primary audience
Educated families
  • Educated, conscientious parents /partners looking to develop and engage others through productive family time
  • Parents, 25 to 34s, urban, upper income, higher education, like to travel, very active online

Secondary audience
Big Picture thinkers
  • Unlocking bigger truths by challenging how their existing knowledge of the world connects together
  • Skew to 45+, skew rural, interested in travel and news, higher education, use social networks only in a functional way 

Bite size escapists
  • Seeking productive down-time around subjects of interest 
  • Skew to males, skew to under 35s, parents, upper income, higher education, frequent social networkers

Factual followers
  • Looking to be guided by accessible but informative factual TV content, to learn and be inspired across a range of topics
  • Skew 45+, skew male, lower income, slightly lower education, enjoy visual content online, interested in history

Tertiary audience
Nature lovers
  • Finding peace through a passionate relationship with the natural world and animals
  • Skew to females, lower education, skew to 55+, lower income, rural skew, use Facebook but passive digital behaviours

Nature & Science Global Segmentation Study. BBC Worldwide commissioned research, conducted in six countries to identify our global audience for nature and science. Quantitative study conducted in 2011, sample size: 4,870 (adults 16-64). Territories: Australia, China, Germany, Japan, UK and USA.

Jane Reynolds
Manager, Branded Content
+44203 642 6497
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