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US-Mexico gun-running 'misguided'
Fourteen US officials face possible disciplinary action over a botched gun-running operation, but the attorney general is cleared of wrongdoing.
Chelsea 2-2 Juventus
Chelsea squander a two-goal lead as they begin the defence of their Champions League title with a draw against Juventus.
Respect for the dead
We know humans find value in guarding or watching the bodies of the deceased - but in the first article for his new column, Jason Goldman explains how some animals may have similar needs.
Mombasa militancy
Islamic extremism is on the rise, warn community leaders on Kenya's coast. The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse reports on a region caught between economic deprivation and religious fundamentalism.
Living in... Munich
The good burghers of the Bavarian capital are rightly smug that, according to many surveys, theirs is one the world's most liveable cities. Sunshine Flint reports.
Something fishy going on
Where have all Alaska's salmon gone? As government restrictions limit fishing of a dwindling population, those affected in one town argue over who is to blame, reports Lynsea Garrison.
On the beat
The deaths of two female police constables in the UK have brought into focus the fact that most British police do their job unarmed. Why does Britain still refuse to issue guns to officers on patrol?
Coastline to countryside
BBC Travel takes in Brittany’s untamed shores and then heads east to sample Normandy’s culinary delights.
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'No military solution' in Syria
The UN secretary general says there may not be a military solution to Syria's conflict, though both sides seem intent on defeating the other by force.
Aung San Suu Kyi given US honour
Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is presented with America's highest civilian award, as the US lifts sanctions on Burma's president.
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Market Data Thu, 20 Sep 2012 04:46 BST
(min delay 15 mins) Marketwatch Ticker
Market NameCurrent ValueMovementChangePercentage Change
Dow Jones13577.96+13.320.10%
FTSE 1005888.48+20.320.35%
Cac 403531.82+19.130.54%
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Man Utd survive Galatasaray scare
Manchester United edge out Galatasaray to win their opening Champions League game thanks to Michael Carrick's early goal.
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Entertainment & Arts
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Oscar nominations brought forward
The nominees for 2013's Academy Awards will be revealed five days earlier than previous years, ahead of the Golden Globes on 13 January.
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Attitudes 'raised suicide risk'
A generation of UK men born in the 1960s and 1970s may be more likely to commit suicide because of attitudes around the role of men at the time, say Samaritans researchers.
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UK cities get fast broadband cash
Ten UK cities share a £114m pot to create super-fast city-wide broadband networks, offering speeds up to 100Mbps.
Science & Environment
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Record minimum for Arctic sea ice
Arctic sea ice has reached its minimum extent for the year, setting a record for the lowest summer cover since data collection began.
Is it bad to crack your knuckles?
Does the wince-inducing habit damage joints?
Building a ‘live Google Earth’
The website that plans to broadcast from space
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Punjab's musical balance

Punjab, an Indian region bordering Pakistan and the birthplace of Sikhism, harmonizes village and modern life through energetic folk and dance music.
Dubai’s winter party scene
During the city’s cooler months, Sandance, a monthly 12-hour music festival, is the hottest ticket in town.
America’s best beer bars
Before the craft beer boom of the 1980s, beer in America was as uninspired as the generic bars that served it. Now, micro bottlings and local selections fill bars worth travelling to.
Travelling the slow route to Petra
One of the Middle East's most scenic and ancient roads, the 280km-long King’s Highway in Jordan has a history that stretches back to the curtain opening of civilisation.
Lima’s artsy enclave
Away from the noise of downtown, the southern barrio of Barranco is a favoured hangout of poets, writers, painters and sculptors, inspired by the coastal scenery and lapping waves.
Toronto’s shoe museum has sole
From Queen Victoria’s dancing slippers to socks made from human hair, the Bata Shoe Museum displays a well-heeled history through some of the world’s most fascinating footwear.
Nepal’s other Everest
A fork in the well-trafficked Everest Base Camp trail leads trekkers up a remote path to the summit of Gokyo Ri mountain and some of the best views in Nepal.
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Polémico maíz para combatir "supermalezas" en EE.UU.
Debido al uso de cultivos genéticamente modificados y herbicidas Roundup, las malezas han desarrollado resistencia y algunas sobreviven a 24 veces la dosis usual. Una compañía asegura que la solución es un nuevo maíz GM.
بان كي مون: التدخل العسكري ليس هو الحل لإنهاء الصراع في سوريا
قال الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة بان كي مون إن التدخل العسكري ليس هو الحل لإنهاء الصراع في سوريا، بالرغم من أن "الحكومة والمعارضة عازمتين على ما يبدو على حسمه بالقوة".
وزارت دارایی آمریکا هواپیماهای ایرانی را تحریم کرد
وزارت دارایی آمریکا اعلام کرده است ۱۱۷ هواپیمای ایرانی را که به گفته آن در پوشش کمک‌های انسان دوستانه به دولت سوریه کمک می‌کنند، شناسایی و تحریم کرده است.
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Bringing down Brazil's road toll
Up to 40,000 people die in traffic accidents in South America's biggest country every year. How can this deadly trend be reversed?
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