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RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya​http://en.aswatmasriya.com//​en_US​RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya2012​Sat, 06 Oct 2012 18:45:16 +0200​RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/App_Themes/images/logoRss.jpg​RSS Feeds - News - Aswat Masriya​http://en.aswatmasriya.com//​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=dafef7b9-8700-4ee2-8328-1551dc7e475d​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=dafef7b9-8700-4ee2-8328-1551dc7e475d​Aswat Masriya​Mursi supporters praise achievements, opposition disappointed Politicians' views ranged about President Mohamed Mursi’s ability to address the five problems that he promised to tackle during his first hundred days which have elapsed. Sat, 06 Oct 2012 18:45:16 +0200​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=3a25a846-26de-4e57-9056-de54612ff01d​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=3a25a846-26de-4e57-9056-de54612ff01d​Aswat Masriya​The establishment of the Faculty of Fisheries at the University of Kafr El Sheikh​The Supreme Council of Universities headed by Mustafa Massad, the Minister of Higher Education, approved to establish a "School of Fisheries and fish stocking" in Kafr El Sheikh University. Sat, 06 Oct 2012 13:58:42 +0200​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=1bd8b1e6-eef1-4c44-952b-0acbdeb54918​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=1bd8b1e6-eef1-4c44-952b-0acbdeb54918​Aswat Masriya​IMF has no preconditions for the resumption of talks with Egypt, Lagarde​Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund, said that the Fund has no preconditions for the resumption of negotiations regarding the loan that Egypt seeks to acquire.​Sat, 06 Oct 2012 12:53:19 +0200​http://en.aswatmasriya.com/news/view.aspx?id=ffd47b0b-0d1c-4d92-ae26-53d00dd6f798