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From Pulitzer Center grantee Steve Sapienza’s Tumblr videorover:
Sentinels of the Mall - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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My pains grow as my life dwindles // I will die with a heart full of hope.
- a poem by an Afghan girl 
For a Pulitzer Center project on women’s poetry in Afghanistan Eliza Griswold wrote that the author of this poem, called a landai, “lost her fiancé last year, when a land mine exploded. According to Pashtun tradition, she must marry one of his brothers, which she doesn’t want to do. She doesn’t dare protest directly, but reciting poetry allows her to speak out against her lot.” Read more»
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Brazil’s booming economy is attracting brain-drained Brazilians back home, as well as Europeans who are fleeing economic stagnation. The Maracan Stadium in Rio is under renovation in preparation for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Read about the global reverse of brain drain in a Pulitzer Center and Christian Science Monitor project here. Image by Melanie Stetson Freeman. Brazil, 2012. 
3 days ago
In the Field: Return to Baja postponed
There are many reasons to cancel a reporting trip, but one of the most compelling is an act of God. As of 8 AM Wednesday, Hurricane Paul (now busted down to “Tropical Depression Paul”) made landfall not far from one of our planned reporting sites. As of yesterday it looked like it was going to 
slam hard into Baja Sur and indeed there have been downpours and power outages. Now it looks like Paul might peter out - which we dearly hope happens for the sake of the fishing villages in its path. It’s always a tough call in these situations but we decided to hang back. But we’ll be back next week with a tour through the Upper Gulf. 
-Erik Vance
(photo courtesy of Weather Underground)
Source: pulitzerfieldnotes
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For the National Day on Writing, we joined with the National Writing Project and the New York Times Learning Network for a Twitter celebration using #WhatIWrite. This photo mash-up showcases Pulitzer Center journalists, students and staff, all celebrating various forms of writing, from international journalism to the dreaded college essay. Check out the Facebook album with links to individual stories here.
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Pakistan cannot afford to be entering into an arms race with India. We can never match them, tank for tank, missile for missile, aircraft for aircraft or gun for gun. All we want is to regain the credibility of our deterrence.
said General Ehsan Ul-Haq, Former Director of Pakistan’s Inter-services Intelligence. He spoke to Senior Editor Tom Hundley as part of Tom’s Pulitzer Center project on India and Pakistan’s nuclear arms race. (Watch a video compilation of some of Tom’s interviews here and continue reading for a synopsis.)
India thinks Pakistan uses its nuclear capability as a shield to hide behind while allowing proxy extremist attacks on India. Both the US and India are concerned about what would happen to the nuclear weapons if Pakistan should fail as a state, but nuclear disarmament looks like a far-off prospect.
Rajah Mohan of the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi voices his concern by asking a question which he says no one has been able to answer for the last 20 years: “How does India change Pakistan army’s strategic calculus?”
— Source: Senior Editor Tom Hundley’s video within his larger project on India and Pakistan’s nuclear arms race.
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Maria Klimova (pictured here) decided to emigrate: “First China, then Italy,” she says. “I would never fit the Russian system anyway.” Image by Pulitzer Center grantee Anna Nemtsova. Russia, 2012. Click here to view a slideshow of far eastern Russia’s young people, who are looking to move away.
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“We face emotional, physical, psychological abuse because everywhere you go there is a stigma around the LGBTI people,” activist Aphiwe Ngqamnga said. “It’s not supposed to be like that. We are supposed to be living in a free South Africa where we have gay rights. We do have them but they [fellow South Africans] are not acknowledging that.” Image and story by Pulitzer Center student fellow Melissa Turley. South Africa, 2012. Read the story here»
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