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Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides
PulitzerCenter 169,743 views 1 year ago
Every year, throughout the world, millions of young girls are forced into marriage. Child marriage is outlawed in many countries and international agreements forbid the pra...
One Nation Under Gods: Nigeria's Sectarian Crisis
PulitzerCenter 566 views 6 months ago
Learn more: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/nigeria-lagos-religion-sectarian-crisis-christian-muslim Even for a country that has spent the majority of its 50-year exi...
Memories of Red: Hungary Sludge Disaster
PulitzerCenter 244 views 8 months ago
Learn more: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/romania-hungary-mining-toxic-waste-rosia-montana-gold Pulitzer Center grantees Dimiter Kenarov and Nadia Shira Cohen trave...
Afghanistan: "We Simply Must Listen Closely"
PulitzerCenter 1,276 views 8 months ago
Learn more: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/northern-afghanistan-taliban-insurgency-nato A decade after the U.S. invasion, Anna Badkhen spent months journeying across...
Meet Fred de Sam Lazaro: Brazil's Declining Birth Rate
PulitzerCenter 927 views 1 year ago
Learn more: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/brazil-family-planning-birth-rate-women-health Despite its restrictive law on abortion, Brazil is seeing a declining birth...
Meet Habiba Nosheen: Rape, Honor Killings and Pakistan's Justice System
PulitzerCenter 455 views 9 months ago
Learn More: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/pakistan-honor-killings-kari-women-united-nation-population-fund In parts of Pakistan today, women are perceived as proper...
Child Soldiers: One Voice, One Thousand Children (Part 1)
PulitzerCenter 1,599 views 1 year ago
Learn more: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/africa/lords-resistance-army-hunt-africas-most-wanted "One Voice, One Thousand Children" is a two part series looking at C...
Senegal's Rappers Drive Protests For Political Change
PulitzerCenter 242 views 5 months ago
Learn more: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/senegal-hip-hop-movement-democracy-election-president-abdoulade-wade-constitutional-coup Rappers and musicians in Senegal,...
Diyarbakir: The Past, Present and Future of Kurdistan
PulitzerCenter 590 views 4 months ago
Learn More: http://pulitzercenter.org/projects/turkey-kurdish-kids-stone-throwing-jail-terrorists Diyarbakir in southeast Turkey is ridden by politics. Plastered all ove...
About Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting's mission is to promote in-depth coverage of international affairs, focusing on topics that have been under-reported, mis-reported—or not reported at all. The majority of the videos here are part of larger r...
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