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Search for answers to your questions in the NWS Wiki of Support Articles using the green button below. Most times than not the answer to your question will be found there. What is not answered there can also be sent as a question using the form you see next to each answer.
Then for debugging serious problems or resolving specific questions regarding your theme installation send in the Report a Bug form but remember to check for possible troubleshooting suggestions in the Wiki first! Read about how a support ticket is processed after it has been submitted.
Have you
purchased the Furniture Store theme prior to March 29, 2010
? If so then you probably cannot access theme updates from your Theme Forest account. Fill in the Report a Bug form. Enter “Requesting the new version” in the problem desctiption field and we will upload the zipped theme files for you (the form asks for ftp access)
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Pre-Sale Questions
Feature list currently being adjusted. New list comming soon!
Hired Service - These requests are forwarded to developers of the auxiliary team
NOT for troubleshooting requests!
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