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11 Nov 2010 - 07 Aug 2013
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What's the Parental Guidance Lock and how does it work?
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What's the Parental Guidance Lock?
The Parental Guidance Lock is a password-based system to control access to Guidance-labelled programming.
This covers programmes that may be unsuitable for young audiences (e.g., violence, sex, drug use or strong language) or programmes that may be harmful to view (e.g., contains flashing images).
Guidance labelling is usually used for television programmes broadcast after the 'Watershed' (9.00pm).
BBC Parental Guidance Lock doesn't work for non-BBC services. You can find more information from each partner here.
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Using the Parental Guidance Lock
When you first select a Guidance-labelled programme, you will be asked to confirm that you're over 16 and if you want to set up the Parental Guidance Lock.
If you do want to set up a lock, we'll ask you for a password and you'll be asked for this whenever you want to watch a Guidance-labelled programme.
To turn off the Parental Guidance Lock, return to the Parental Guidance Settings page, enter your password and turn it off.
How do I set up the Parental Guidance Lock?
Pick the Parental Guidance option from the Settings menu, then pick Set up Parental Guidance Lock.
After asking you to confirm you are at least 16 years old, we'll ask you to enter your email address to which your password will be sent in case you forget your password.
We'll then ask you to create a password. This is the password we'll ask you for when you try to play a Guidance-labelled programme.
How do I turn off the Parental Guidance lock?
Select the Turn the Lock off option in the Parental Guidance Settings page. Once you enter your password, the lock will be turned off.
How do I use the Parental Guidance Lock in BBC iPlayer Desktop?
In BBC iPlayer Desktop, go to the Settings tab and select Parental Guidance Lock.
First you'll be asked to confirm that you're over 16, then you need to create a password and re-type it to confirm.
You also need to create a secret question and answer in case you forget your password.
If you want BBC iPlayer Desktop to remember your password for each session then tick the box next to Remember my Parental Guidance password while this window is open.
Please note that the Parental Guidance on BBC iPlayer Desktop is not linked to the Parental Guidance Lock on the website.
Why am I having problems with Parental Lock?
We have established that CA Internet Security Suite 2009 can cause problems when using the Parental Lock feature in BBC iPlayer. If you have problems with parental Lock and you have this software installed, you may need to uninstall it or upgrade to the 2010 version to use BBC iPlayer.
Can I use Parental Guidance on mobile?
Yes. The parental guidance system lets you set a PIN to ensure that other people using your phone, especially children, cannot access unsuitable programmes, for example those which contain strong language or sexual content.
To turn parental guidance on/off, select the Parental Guidance link at the bottom of any BBC iPlayer mobile page and follow the instructions.
Guidance labels show information about any programme which contains content that may not be suitable for all audiences, such as strong language, strobe lighting, or adult themes. Access to programmes with guidance labels will be restricted by the Parental Guidance system.
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