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Imaging religion: Navesh Chitrakar
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OCT 19, 2012 13:00 UTC
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OCT 18, 2012
3:33 PM UTC
It is odd how technology alters our perceptions. At first I was sure the picture of the sniper in the control tower was an image from a video game.
Posted by Ralphooo | Report as abusive
OCT 20, 2012
1:46 PM UTC
Must say, this guy went through a lot of pain to show his unwavering support for Phuket. However, he did not convince me at all, I am not jumping on his bandwagon. Sorry to say, but I don’t really care.
Posted by boreal | Report as abusive
OCT 20, 2012
2:28 PM UTC
When they say, no one is holding a gun to your head to eat your veggies, this guy demonstrates otherwise.
Posted by thesuperstar | Report as abusive
OCT 20, 2012
12:25 AM UTC
Does he know the safety is off??
Posted by bobby990 | Report as abusive
OCT 21, 2012
7:52 AM UTC
Wow, Peace of mind may be too lofty a goal.
Posted by ConstFundie | Report as abusive
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OCT 19, 2012
Imaging religion: Navesh Chitrakar
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