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A House in Tel Aviv - Yafo
₪010, 5 Beds, 0 Baths,
A House in Jerusalem
₪000, 3 Beds, 0 Baths,
A House in Jerusalem
₪3,350,000, 5 Beds, 0 Baths,
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Tel Aviv - Yafo
₪ 010
₪ 000
₪ 3,350,000
₪ 2,570,000
₪ 000
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JPost Real Estate is your online source for all Real Estate in Israel & USA. Whether you looking for rentals or Properties for Sale, or more specifically looking for special Luxury apartments or holiday apartments, all can be found here at JPost. We have thousands of the best listing and hot real estate deals for any location in Israel and USA. We hope you would find the best deals in JPost Real Estate for your next purchase of any property in Israel or USA.

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