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Wed, Oct 31, 2012   15 Heshvan, 5773
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An election of great importance for Israel
10/31/2012 20:58

Irrespective who becomes the next president of the USA, American Jewish leaders must seek to reverse the growing threat from the far Left anti-Israeli activists in the Democratic party and reinvigorate the bipartisan spirit which has been so vital to maintain the strong US-Israel relationship.
The storm that united a divided nation
No Holds Barred: As the storm approached I wondered what it all meant. I am a religious man and believe all to be providence.
In My Own Write: In from the cold
Within each of us dwells a child whom we ignore at our peril.
Obama stoops, doesn’t conquer
Obama would have made a very good Bourbon. He’s certainly not a very good debater.
Fiscal economics
The BOI deserves unstinting support for at least trying to break the vicious cycle of rising real estate prices and low interest rates.
Fischer's warning
Bank of Israel chief lowered the interest rate in order help rejuvenate the slowing economy.
Connecting to the South
Regardless of the strategy or strategies implemented by the government, it is imperative that the residents of the South know that they have not been abandoned.
American Jews: Duty calls
Let’s vote, and let’s make sure every one of our friends and family are voting too.
Reminiscences of ‘Kristallnacht’
When a knock on the door meant terror - Let us never forget the brave Hershel Grynspan.
Iran: No ‘loose cannon’ in Jerusalem
Netanyahu clearly hopes that heightened int'l pressure will lead Iran to go slow and further postpone, hopefully forgo, the final push to a bomb.
October 31: Height of chutzpah
Mr. Rivlin, you have brought shame on yourself and on the Knesset. Hopefully, this will be the last time you have the opportunity of misusing your honored position as speaker for your own poli...
October 30: Mikve and health
Prevention is the way to go to help women become more educated about their bodies and family safety.
October 29: Solutions for Gaza...
Can anyone explain why our yellow-hued government agreed to a cease-fire after a bombardment of more than 80 rockets against the South? It doesn’t make sense at all.
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