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The Jerusalem Post now offers FREE up-to-date headline news from Israel, The Middle East and The Jewish World sent directly to your desktop via RSS feeds.
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What is RSS?
RSS is an easy way for you to keep up with latest JPost.com news, updates and opinions through the day. RSS feeds contain headlines and links to full-length articles on JPost.com
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How do I get an RSS reader?
If you don't already have an RSS reader downloaded on your computer, you'll need to get this before you can get started. There are a wide variety of easily downloadable RSS readers available on the web. While The Jerusalem Post does not favor or recommend any particular RSS reader, both Yahoo! and Google offer extensive lists of RSS readers. Please note: RSS reader programs vary, so make sure to follow your program's directions.
JPost.com feeds are also compatible with MyYahoo! If you have a MyYahoo! account just click on the icon adjacement to your selected feed.
Setting up a feed
Once you've successfully downloaded the RSS reader, you can subscribe to the JPost.com's RSS feed by simply copying and pasting the Web address or URL, shown next to each feed into your RSS reader.
What is RSS?
What is an RSS or news feed reader?
Why should I use a news feed reader?
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What is RSS?
"RSS" stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' or 'Rich Site Summary'. An RSS feed, also known as a 'news feed" is a feed of headlines from a Web site that you can subscribe to and display in an RSS reader. Many Web sites offer headlines in this format.
What is an RSS or news feed reader?
A news feed reader, also known as a "news aggregator" is a software that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds and display RSS headlines from many Web sites all in onewindow.
Why should I use a news feed reader?
Using an RSS feed reader allows you to view feeds from many news sources in one place. Readers also alert you of new articles on the topics you're interested in. Some readers pop up a new window when a new article is available, feature scrolling tickers or integrate into e-mail and Web browsers. When you are alerted of the new article, you can click on a link that will take you directly to the article.
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These RSS newsfeeds are also compatible with My Yahoo!. Just click on the Yahoo icon to add a feed to your My Yahoo! page. You can position The Jerusalem Post feeds at the top of the page by pressing the 'Edit' and 'Move to Top' links.
Contact us:
Please let us have your feedback and suggestions concerning this service.
My question wasn't answered in these FAQs. What now?
Even though we do not provide support for our free scripts, if you have a problem that doesn't appear in these FAQs, you may email support to suggest inclusion of your question.

Please include as much detail as possible about the problem and try to indicate under what circumstances the problem occurs. Please also tell us as much about your server as you can such as the browser version you're using.


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