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Our Friends | Jerusalem Post
04/07/2010 11:35

We are proud to present you with a list of our friends; Sites & blogs we generally recommend for sharing our passion and interests.
We have found the following sites to be supporting relevant topics, holding content which is both interesting and informing.
We hope you will enjoy them.
If you would like to appear on this list, please embed our widget, news ticker, or RSS feeds to your site [or blog] and send us a link. Pending our examination of your content, our staff will contact you as to whether your site is suitable to appear on Our Friends list.
For more blogs please visit JPost blogs.
* Sultan Knish
From NY to Jerusalem, Daniel Greenfield Covers the Stories Behind the News
* Mark Staneart
A singer/songwriter in Oregon who loves to share his love for the Living Messiah and the people of God
* Prophecy Update
News and information for the end times
* Brothers of Judea’s
Keeping track of Antisemitism on HP
* Ein Shalom
Don’t be deceived
* Yesha Bulletin
Breaking news site about Israel
* Solomonia Blog
Solomonia Blog and Community
* Rapture Forums
Rapture Forums is your complete prophetic resource for the rapture of the church and what Bible prophecy says about the end times
* Jerusalem Online
Your Link to Israel
* The Elder of Ziyon
Elder is one of the best established and most respected members of the Jblogosphere.
* Mere Rhetoric
Mere Rhetoric focuses on the geopolitical, cultural, and economic dimensions of the global war between the West and political Islam
* Machlis Presents
Weekly and holiday teachings from Jerusalem non-profit leader Mordechai Machlis
* Go Visit Israel
Your online guide to traveling in Israel
* MuzzleWatch Watch
Exposing MuzzleWatch’s extremism and dishonesty
* Life in Israel
Rafi G writes about life in Israel, along with his thoughts on Israel, politics, and Judaism.
* Just Call Me Chaviva
A practical guide to the perpetually underconstruction Neshama of the kvetching editor
* YeahThatsKosher
Your Kosher Travel Resource
* China Confidential
Foreign News and Analysis Since April 2005
* Israel Matzav
The go-to blog for news from Israel
* Rucho Shel Mashicah
A deeper look into current events
* SerandEz
SerandEz by Ezzie Goldish
* Challah Hu Akbar
Fresh Baked Middle East Nonsense
* Liberty's Spirit
A pack-a-saas view of politics and foreign policy
* IsraMom
A committed Jewish mother and grandmother fulfulling her dream of living in israel
* Twin Cities Jewfolk
Twin Cities Hub for Hip Jewish Stuff
* MyIsrael
My Israel (Israel Sheli) - The national activist movement of Israel
* BraveJeWorld
Analysis on current affairs, terrorism and counter-terrorism in israel and the middle east
* Israel News
Israel News and Commentary Web Log
* Jewish Issues Watchdog
Keeping an eye on Jewish affairs - extracting the essential - for busy people.
* Zionism Israel
Zionism & Israel Information Center
Kiwis for Balanced Reporting on the Middle East presents the missing coverage in New Zealand.

The content of the aforementioned sites has been inspected by our team and was found to be suitable and non offensive to our readership.
Some of the displayed content, represents a wide variety of personal opinions. If you feel that one of these sites should not appear on the list, or that its content is in someway offensive, please send us your report.
JPost.com holds no responsibility for the opinions mistakes or inaccuracies embodied in content on the featured sites.
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