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Source: Baghdad ISX
Wed / 14 November 2012
Al-Nujaifi calls to find an agreed law for Kirkuk's election.
12/11/2012 11:27:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / House Speaker Osama Nujaifi discussed, with members of the parliamentary committee in charge of preparing the law of Kirkuk Provincial Council elections, the findings of the Committee in its meeting at the headquarters of the UN miss   ... more>>
BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Abdul Bari Zebari ruled out that the current government and parliament can resolve the political crisis the country is going through. He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "We always hope t   ... more>>
Bahaa al-Araji: Russia asked Iraq to re-negotiate on the Arms deal.
12/11/2012 09:11:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Integrity, Bahaa al-Araji said the Russian side asked the government to re-sign on the Russian arms deal and add new weapons if it so wishes. He said in a statement to the NINA:"The cont   ... more>>
Iraq Stocks Exchange
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Iraqi Agricultural Products88.25-3.12
Babylon Bank0.740.75-1.33
AHliya For Insurance0.910.92-1.1
Change %Prev.Current Top
Credit Bank Of Iraq2.171.989.6
Ready Made Clothes11.610.68.62
Kurdistan International Bank2.122.081.92
Photo Gallery
13/11/2012 22:26:00
BREAKING NEWS Public protests in Jordan against lifting support on fuel
13/11/2012 22:00:00
Virgin Mary Church reopened in Anbar
13/11/2012 21:17:00
Zebari discusses with Holland, Lithuania foreign ministers relations between Iraq and their countries
13/11/2012 21:07:00
4 Policemen wounded in Diyala
13/11/2012 20:54:00
7 Wanted captured south of Tikrit
13/11/2012 20:07:00
2 Civilians wounded south of Baquba
13/11/2012 17:25:00
Islamic Party: daily random arrests became a means of revenge and settle accounts.
13/11/2012 17:07:00
Arabs and Turkmen of Kirkuk sign a joint paper regarding the elections in the province.
13/11/2012 15:57:00
Central bank sales of dollar decline at Tuesday's auction.
13/11/2012 15:31:00
Saud al-Faisal: Iran's nuclear is a clear threat to the security of the Gulf and the world.
13/11/2012 15:08:00
Parliament's Chief of Staff meets head of the EU mission.
13/11/2012 14:51:00
Iranian ambassador: the volume of trade exchange with Iraq this year hit / 11 / billion dollars.
13/11/2012 14:12:00
Baghdad University Signs Agreement with Microsoft for software.
13/11/2012 13:14:00
Anbar province, sign a contract with a Korean company to invest in Akaz gas field .
13/11/2012 13:00:00
S. Korean Ambassador in Iraq discusses possibility of investment in Anbar.
13/11/2012 12:17:00
A new Alliance declared in Diyala.
13/11/2012 11:13:00
Martin Kobler arrives in Kirkuk.
13/11/2012 11:13:00
An American officer discusses, with Kirkuk's governor, the security issue in Kirkuk.
13/11/2012 10:29:00
Barzani meets Saeedlou in Arbil.
13/11/2012 09:53:00
Iskandar Witwit denies corruption in Russian arms deal.
13/11/2012 08:59:00
Kurdistani MP: Kurdistan Alliance will enter the coming elections in extensive list.
13/11/2012 08:46:00
USAID provides technical and logistical support for the five-year development plan.
13/11/2012 08:45:00
Two wanted men arrested in Hilla.
12/11/2012 22:32:00
Escapee from Tikrit prison captured in Baghdad
12/11/2012 21:33:00
Iraq has reservation on Syrian opposition attend Arab Ministerial Meeting
12/11/2012 20:57:00
Assistant of Iran's President arrives in Erbil
12/11/2012 20:49:00
9 Wanted captured west of Mosul
12/11/2012 20:49:00
10 Wanted captured, IED deactivated in Diyala
12/11/2012 20:22:00
Hakeem, Maliki review political process
12/11/2012 17:33:00
Arrest of / 8 / wanted south of Mosul.
12/11/2012 17:26:00
Two policemen killed three others wounded in Diyala.
12/11/2012 17:19:00
A policeman killed two others wounded west of Mosul.
12/11/2012 17:07:00
Parliamentary Committee on Foreign relations looking with Kubler removing Iraq from Chapter VII.
12/11/2012 15:39:00
Massoud Barzani: Dijlah Forces operations Command intentioned Kurds interests .
12/11/2012 15:32:00
Jaafari looking with Iranian President Assistant prospects of joint cooperation.
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