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Nov. 18, 2012
Updated: 5:19 AM
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Home of the week: West Roxbury
Check out this West Roxbury Cape with a simple, clean layout and an affordable price.
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Red Sox
Spartan Race at Fenway Park
About 8,000 people registered for the first Spartan Sprint obstacle course at Fenway.
New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts
11/18/2012, at Gillette Stadium
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Trouble seems to follow Patriots’ Aqib Talib
Talib, who makes his debut as the team's cornerback today, is hoping to restart his career in New England while distancing himself from past legal problems. (Globe)
State highway safety chief has history of driving violations, recent accident
Sheila Burgess, director of the Massachusetts Highway Safety Division, has more than 30 entries on her driving record dating back to the early 1980s, and is on leave from an accident this past August. (Globe)
Living Longer, Living Better
Pictures: Top 10 places to retire abroad
Many dream of living in a foreign paradise, such as a Caribbean coast or in the European mountains. Check out this list of the 10 best places to live abroad.
New GM pledges openness at T helm
In an interview with the Globe, MBTA general manager Beverly Scott defended her record in Atlanta and promised transparency about her plans for the T. (Globe)
New T manager underwent professional counseling
For 6th year, Harvard beats Yale, 34-24
Harvard launched an impressive fourth-quarter blitz, propelling the team to its sixth straight victory over rival Yale in the 129th edition of The Game. (Globe)Boston Globe Magazine | Holiday Style
Holiday fashion: Stepping out in sparkling style
This season, a little bit of sparkle or shine goes a long way. Check out the Boston Globe Magazine's guide to party dresses. (Boston Globe)
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Brookline bans raise concerns, questions
The move to ban plastic bags and polystyrene containers continues to draw mixed reviews, but local businesses are already looking into how to adapt. (Globe)
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Despite woes, Harlem
Quartet still plays on
The ensemble, which plays both classical music and jazz, was ready to take off, before it threatened to come apart.
Opinion | joan vennochi
Press had a crush on Petraeus, too
Long before he seduced Paula Broadwell, General David Petraeus seduced the press.
In N.H. town, kids grow
up fast racing stock cars
At Riverside Speedway, a quarter-mile track in Groveton, N.H., anyone over 10 can start racing in the derbies.
Opinion | Jeff Jacoby
Unhealthy devotion to incumbents
American politicians once knew that incumbency wasn’t meant to be for life. And voters once knew how to give the boot to those who forgot.
Debate makes tax planning tricky
Many investors and taxpayers are trying to plot a post-election personal finance strategy as Washington debates the future of Bush-era tax cuts.
A sea change for port cities
New England communities built up around fishing and other seafaring industries are now reinventing themselves for the energy industry.
New city law targets head injuries
Boston is joining the effort to protect young athletes from concussions, and will require teams to have training and management procedures in place.
Health & Wellness
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Your Movember mustache
In honor of Movember, a world-wide event in which people grow mustaches to raise awareness and money for men's health issues, we want to see your best 'staches!
Current Gaza fighting
reflects new battleground
With airstrikes on militant targets in the Gaza Strip and rockets flying into Israel, the fighting between Israel and Hamas reflects the vast changes that have occured in just four years.
Republicans: GOP needs to get with the times
The GOP is seeking to rebuild after the loss of Mitt Romney, pictured, in the presidential race by retooling the party message to appeal to Latinos, women, and working-class people.
Holiday gadget buying guide 2012
If you definitely want a device, don't wait until the last minute because it might be sold out before you can purchase it. Check out the new gadget options for this season.
S&P 500
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Personal Finance
More American workers to pick their insurance
For some American workers, picking the right health insurance is becoming more like hunting for the perfect business suit: It takes some shopping around to find a good fit and avoid sticker shock.
Arts & Entertainment
Twinkies in pop culture
With the cream-filled spongecakes possibly on the verge of extinction after Hostess Brands announced it's going out of business, take a look at better times for the Twinkie in television and movies.
Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich
If you find yourself with a hankering for a "leftover" turkey sandwich before or after your yearly celebration, check out our list of portable Thanksgiving feasts in Boston and beyond.
Low-key fun on Anna Maria Island
This Florida town is a 7.5-mile stretch of sand, surf, and old-fashioned charm ... More
Explore Plimoth Plantation
At Plimoth Plantation, visitors can take a trip into the past by experiencing a living museum that showcases the very distinct lives of two cultures forced to come together during the 1600s.
Local Thanksgiving events
Freeport, without a shopping list
In the past few years, the outlet town has expanded its offerings for non-shoppers ... More
Your Campus
15 unusual courses at Boston-area colleges
From pirates to television series to Disney animated movies-- Here's a list of quirky higher education classes that are being taught.
Bio bonanza gives Massachusetts life science leadership
Almost every part of Massachusetts’ innovation economy benefits from the concentration of higher education centered here, but perhaps no sector benefits more than life sciences.
Boston.com Moms
Potty quiz: Lessons from PottyPalooza
Take our quiz to find out what you missed at PottyPalooza in Brookline this week.
Discuss: Potty training
Dealing with picky eaters
One mom's experience getting her son to eat more healthy food and less junk food. ... More
RadioBDC - Reinventing.Radio
Listen Live
Keep Fishn' | Weezer
Bosstones frontman to announce big news
Tune in on Monday at 10 a.m, as Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones will join Julie Kramer. He has a pretty exciting announcement to make.
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Thanksgiving turkey trots
Thanksgiving dining options in Boston
John Oliver at the Wilbur Theatre
Boston Ballet presents 'The Nutcracker'
  1. Southeast Asia to adopt human rights declaration
  2. Brookline bans raise concerns and questions
  3. Naming dilemma for Obama: Is it Burma or Myanmar?
  4. 10 Thanksgiving events around New England
  5. Broadwell fell short of aims at Harvard
  6. Police hope to trace zoo attack suspects with cap
  7. Lady Gaga tweets some racy images before concert
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Turmoil on Aerosmith's tour?
The New York Post reports that the band, which has embarked on the second leg of its “Global Warming” tour, is barely speaking to one another and, despite decent reviews, sales of the group’s new CD are lackluster.
West Roxbury Cape has simple clean layout
This yellow Cape with a full dormer sits on a dead-end street lined with homes of similar design.PLUS:Real Estate Tools:
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Solar cars roll across Earth's driest desert
The Solar Challenge has begun in Chile's Atacama desert, where 15 solar-powered cars rolled out of an old salt mine Thursday.
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How to rehearse for
a job interview
Instead of winging it, or relying solely on your professional skill set, you should stage a rehearsal for your next job interview.
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