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Journalist killed in Baghdad
18/11/2012 20:11:00
Baghdad (NINA) – A journalist killed on Sunday, Nov. 18, during an exchange of fire in Doura area, southwestern Baghdad. Security source told NINA that the Editor in Chief of al-Jamaheer newspaper, Samir al-Sheikh Ali, is killed during an exchange   ... more>>
3 Journalists detained in Baquba
10/09/2012 19:37:00
Baquba (NINA) – In a search raid carried out on Monday, Sep. 10, in Baquba, a security force arrested three journalists. Head of Diyala Media and Public Relations, Turath al-Azzawi, told NINA that in a search raid carried out in Tahreer neighborho   ... more>>
Journalists killed in Mosul
30/07/2012 22:20:00
Mosul (NINA) – A journalist working at Sama Tv Channel killed on Monday evening, July 30, in an armed attack in Mosul. Police source told NINA that gunmen stormed into the house of the journalist and television programs host at Sama Television Cha   ... more>>
IJS celebrates National Journalism Day
29/06/2012 22:08:00
Baghdad (NINA) – The Iraqi Journalists Syndicates (IJS) celebrated on Friday evening, June 29, the 143rd Anniversary of Iraq's Journalism. A big celebration held at Zawra Park attended by the Cabinet's Secretary General, Ali al-Allaq, representing   ... more>>
Maliki: we are proud of media and press freedom in Iraq. 28/06/2012 13:10:00
The President of Arab Federation of Journalists arrived Baghdad.27/06/2012 09:33:00
Minister of Finance directs accelerating granting financial rights to martyrs journalists families and advances for journalists 16/05/2012 17:00:00
Jaafari , discuss with Iranian media delegation enhancing cooperation and exchange of experiences. 16/05/2012 13:33:00
Mutlaq: Freedom of press in Iraq still in danger 04/05/2012 21:16:00
Talabani congratulates journalists on Press Day 03/05/2012 16:56:00
Celebration in Sulaymaniya on anniversary of issuance of first Kurdish newspaper 22/04/2012 13:19:00
Television announcer killed in Tikrit 02/04/2012 22:03:00
Cabinet Secretariat threats closing satellite channels offices that violate licenses for frequencies directives 18/03/2012 17:51:00
Iraqi Journalists Syndicate demands Talabani and Barzani to stop a "close" person to them for abusing the Syndicate 06/03/2012 15:09:00
Guardsmen of Interior Ministry’s Inspector General assault Masar Channel’s reporter 10/02/2012 19:12:00
Newspapers withheld for publication on the occasion of the Arbainiya holly visit. 12/01/2012 11:37:00
Defendants in the case of burning Nalia satellite channel in Sulaymaniya sentenced as innocent 03/01/2012 14:43:00
General Secretariat of Arab Journalists Union startes metings with the presence of P.M ,al-Maliki. 17/12/2011 11:19:00
Local newspapers no publication today and tomorrow . 06/12/2011 11:23:00
BREAKING news Iraqiya Channel reporter in Rifa’e district wounded 18/10/2011 20:51:00
Iraqi Journalists Syndicate delegation in Belgrade discussing means to enhance media cooperation with Serbia. 15/10/2011 10:13:00
Media court dismisses lawsuit filed by Hajj and Umra Commission against journalist 03/10/2011 15:15:00
Kurdish KNN channel manager bailed out 03/10/2011 14:50:00
IJU condemns assassination of al-Mahdi, demands uncover implicated in the crime 09/09/2011 18:42:00
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23/11/2012 09:44:00
Flock of sheep cause the death of two people and wounding a third one south of Hilla.
22/11/2012 22:49:00
Maliki, Jafari discuss the crisis with Kurdistan region, calming efforts
22/11/2012 22:39:00
BREAKING NEWS Nijaifi informs Maliki the results of his talks with Barazani
22/11/2012 22:01:00
Jawhar: Sound of dialogue now higher than sound arms' threats
22/11/2012 21:50:00
Nijaifi returns to Baghdad to meet with Maliki in search for solution to Baghdad-Erbil crisis
22/11/2012 20:30:00
BREAKING NEWS Police Commander of Kirkuk's districts wounded
22/11/2012 20:18:00
Alldorki, British Ambassador review bilateral relations
22/11/2012 19:33:00
Nijaifi presents to Barazani the desire of Maliki to calm the situation
22/11/2012 19:06:00
Nechirvan Barzani discusses with Ukraine's Foreign Minister means to expand economic cooperation
22/11/2012 18:56:00
Zebari discusses with U.S. ambassador bilateral relations in the light of the strategic partnership agreement.
22/11/2012 18:37:00
Wasit police arrest / 3 / wanted.
22/11/2012 18:26:00
Sadr calls for al-Maliki and Barzani to talks in Najaf.
22/11/2012 18:25:00
A civilian killed two others wounded by mortar shell northeast of Fallujah.
22/11/2012 18:04:00
Office of Maliki: Peshmerga forces contineu redeployment in Kirkuk and Khanaqin.
22/11/2012 17:47:00
Talabani, Barzani discuss withdrawal of confidence from Maliki.
22/11/2012 14:52:00
MP for SL: International Parliament has no right to acquit MP al-Daini.
22/11/2012 14:32:00
Sales of dollar by Central Bank of Iraq goes down at Thursday ,s auction.
22/11/2012 14:32:00
Sales of dollar by Central Bank of Iraq goes down at Thursday ,s auction.
22/11/2012 14:16:00
Maliki appreciates Canada's position for harboring Iraqis during the former regime era.
22/11/2012 13:57:00
Transport Ministry signs a contract for breakwater of Faw sea-port with Greek company .
22/11/2012 13:03:00
A soldier killed, another wounded in Mosul.
22/11/2012 13:03:00
Ezzat Al-Shabendar hands over Maliki a file of information on Russian armed deal.
22/11/2012 10:30:00
Kurds MPs visit Kirkuk, reject Tigris forces.
22/11/2012 10:09:00
Source: Allawi may join to the alliance of Nujaifi, Issawi and Samarrai .
22/11/2012 09:28:00
Abbas Al-bayati : The coming days will witness intensive meetings between Baghdad and Erbil.
22/11/2012 09:00:00
Othman rules out finding solutions to outstanding problems between the blocs.
22/11/2012 08:07:00
Artifacts' smuggler arrested in Thi Qar.
22/11/2012 07:53:00
Al-Maliki advises Erdogan to focus attention on internal issues.
21/11/2012 22:33:00
Kirkuk's Archbishop calls on Baghdad, Erbil for dialogue
21/11/2012 22:12:00
Talabani affirms Iraq's desire to develop its relations with Ukraine
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