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Support Terms & Conditions
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Extend of Support
All themes are well documented. Verified theme buyers are issued a Support ID which gives them access to the online theme documentation and Knowledge Base (Wiki) of support articles.
In addition we offer free one-on-one support on Theme related issues and specifically on:
Troubleshooting existing Theme Functionality (bugs*) on the latest available theme version and on server installations that meet the theme requirements
*Although we do our best to thoroughly test out themes, errors may still surface.  This is not uncommon as no code or theme can remain error free in a constantly changing technological enviroment.
We do not offer support on the following:
General WordPress Questions (please use the WordPress.Org Forums​)
How to Contact Us
Search for Answers in the Wiki
Use this section for general questions which do not require that we have login credentials to your WordPress installation. Should you not be able to find anything that provides an answer to your question you can send us a note using the form you see next to each single Wiki entry.
Debugging Serious Problems
Open a “Support Ticket” for debugging serious problems or getting help with an issue particular to your theme installation which requires us to have login access to your setup. Access the “Support Desk” for this through the “Report a Bug” field. Information on how the ticket is processed after it has been submitted is found in this WIKI entry.

You will need a Support ID to read the Wiki articles and to access the Support Desk so request one by contacting me from my Theme Forest Profile
Please note: The Support ID is linked to your Theme Forest account username and email and is non-transferable. For this reason you must make sure you contact us using the Theme Forest account that you used to purchase the theme with. We will not respond to requests to send the Support ID to an email address other than the one connected to your Theme Forest account
Theme Installation / Set ups / Custom Work and other Freelance Work
If a customization request involves a feature that we feel others will benefit from or that others have already requested this appears on our To-Do list. The more popular a request is, the higher it gets on the list.
If the requested feature is a new Payment Gateway then it must have an API in English or German before we even consider it.  Then all requested Payment Gateways will be integrated based on the order they are found on the To-Do list.
All requests are taken seriously and considered carefully before we decide what gets in and at what rate.
New functionality and features are then built in and released as updates* which are available for all cost free -  except for the time you need to wait till the update is ready and they never “elbow-out” bug reports and support requests on currently integrated functionality​. This would not be fair on all the other buyers that use our themes for their built-in features!
*Please note that certain new functionality and features may be better released as part of an entirely new theme.
Project Deadlines
Do you find yourself running late on a deadline that finished hours perhaps days ago?  Is your client “breathing down your neck” making the situation even harder to deal with?
Please, do not “push” your deadlines on us as this will not move you up in queue!
Emails are answered on a “first arrived, first answered basis”.  We have established a reliable record of handling support issues in a timely and professional manner, very often going beyond the call of duty.
We respond to support requests within 24-48 hours / 5 days a week (Monday to Friday), German local time (GMT+1) . If a bug report is already being addressed and the theme is undergoing an update then you, like everyone else, will receive the fix when the update has been completed and released.
Once you have purchased a theme from us you are entitled to after-sales support and all updates for free – for as long as the theme is available for sale!
Update notifications are posted on Twitter and reflected on this site’s frontpage under Updates & News
We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.
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