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The Liberty Hot Seat 11/27/12
Tom Woods on the Old Right, and a bunch of other stuff:
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The Scott Horton Show 11/27/12
Today on the show: Jacob Hornberger, Sheldon Richman 12-2 eastern http://scotthorton.org/ http://noagendastream.com/
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The Antiwar Comic: The General That Hated War
This one is based on General Smedley Butler.  A real class act.  You gotta love that speech.
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The Scott Horton Show 11/21/12
Today on the show: Gershon Baskin, Michael Hirsh and Sheldon Richman 12-2 eastern scotthorton.org noagendastream.com
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The Scott Horton Show 11/20/12
Today on the show: Shane and Amy Bugbee, Max Blumenthal, and John Heuer 12-2 eastern scotthorton.org noagendastream.com
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Somebody had to
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I never did like them Republicans
You see what bastards they are?:
When the Democrats ran the House, they tended to be polite and generous to Ron Paul. Even the moderate Republicans were decent. But the neocons, from Gingrich to Boehner-Cantor, have been monsters. They even tried to prevent him from getting time to deliver his magnificent Farewell to Congress​. Thank goodness that staffers, who love Ron as the people do, arranged for him to get his time without the leaders finding out. It’s a model of the Peaceful Libertarian Revolution: officials can’t count on their own troops.”
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The Scott Horton Show 11/19/12
Today on the show: Ry Dawson on Hatteras Island, Shane and Amy Bugbee on their  year at the wheel, and Gareth Porter on Petraeus’s many failures. 12-2 eastern scotthorton.org​noagendastream.com
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Some things you need to know about the attack on Gaza
First of all, Israel started it. It’s not defense at all, but selfish electoral politics and grand theft. Says John Mearshiemer:
“So what is going on here? At the most basic level, Israel’s actions in Gaza are inextricably bound up with its efforts to create a Greater Israel that stretches from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the endless palaver about a two-state solution, the Palestinians are not going to get their own state, not least because the Netanyahu government is firmly opposed to it. The prime minister and his political allies are deeply committed to making the Occupied Territories a permanent part of Israel. To pull this off, the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza will be forced to live in impoverished enclaves similar to the Bantustans in white-ruled South Africa. Israeli Jews understand this quite well: a recent survey found that 58 per cent of them believe Israel already practices apartheid against the Palestinians.”
See also: “The Goal Is to Send Gaza Back to the Middle Ages”
Second, a major turning point in Israel’s escalation was their assassination of a Hamas military commander who was the contact for Israeli and Egyptian officials attempting to negotiate a real and lasting peace. Really.
The greater context of course is the One Gigantic Fact that somehow never seems to make it onto the TV: Gaza is occupied territory. This is no even fight. Gaza is a juvenile prison writ-large, Hamas just their Lord of the Flies-elected guards. The Israeli policy is to keep them hungry and desperate. They brag about it.
And of course the majority of the casualties have been civilians​: little old ladies, babies, children​.
The U.S.A. – AKA Barack Hussein Obama and his imperial legions – are 100% responsible for the attack and bloodbath. (Responsibility being a metaphysical concept, percentages don’t always have to add up perfectly.)
Netanyahu threatens invasion​.
And in related ultra depressing news, here’s Phil Weiss reporting on the opinions of the “Jewish Street“ in Israel.
Update: Max Blumenthal explains it all:
Update II: Ariel Sharon’s son:
“We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.”
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U.S. Discovers Opium in Afghanistan
Well see we were gonna leave, but now we have to stay forever.
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Anthony Gregory on Rothbard on Left and Right
“Nothing is deadlier than the pursuit of liberal ends through conservative means.”

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Anthony Gregory from the Independent Institute and the Future of Freedom Foundation about Rothbard’s great essay Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty.
Well now he’s written a new essay developing his arguments further for the C4SS: “The Carnage in the Middle of the Road.”:
Within the United States, it was not so much communism, but progressivism, that wedged itself between Jeffersonian liberalism and Hamiltonian conservatism to become the middle-of-the-road American ideology, dedicated to libertarian goals through rightwing means. In Wilson, FDR, and even the modern Democratic Party, we see some libertarian rhetoric persist and most of the collectivist rhetoric is about elevating the common person, the worker, the poor and middle class, against the royalist rich. Yet a radical reading of American history demonstrates that just as in the rest of the world, the middle-of-the-road ideology yielded some of the worst authoritarianism and state violence ever perpetrated by the U.S. government. Those who could plausibly be called progressive Democrats (or modern liberals) were principally responsible for U.S. entry into World War I, World War II, the Cold War, Korea, and Vietnam. The American progressives and their New Deal and Great Society successors have had a dismal civil liberties record, from the Palmer Raids and Sedition Act to Japanese Internment and surveillance on the antiwar movement, from FDR banning marijuana to Obama’s kill list and indefinite detention. The corporate state was at least as much the darling of the middle-of-the-road progressives as it was the design of America’s more consistent conservative statists.
Read the rest here.
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Libertarians disapprove of Israel’s attack on Gaza.
Update: Yes, ALL libertarians.
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