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The Amash Rebellion
Justin Raimondo on the GOP and Pentagon's 'fiscal cliff'
Why We Torture
We must shine a light on the abuse, says Gareth Peirce
Doomsday for the Defense Department
Kelley Vlahos on the military's 'fiscal cliff'
Updated December 14, 2012 - 5:45 PM EST
 Car Bombs Kill 24 Civilians Near Damascus
 Syrian Rebel Council Blasts US for Labeling al-Nusra as Terrorists
 US Sees Vindication on Syria From Single Russian Official's Comment
 US Contractors Providing Training to Syrian Rebels in Jordan
Euro Human Rights Court: CIA Tortured, Sodomized German Citizen

'Seven Years' War' Is a Battle Over Pentagon Secrecy and Torture Info
Susan Rice Out of Running for Sec. of State, Obama Looks to Kerry
Congress Seeks Massive Increase of Funds for Israeli Anti-Missile System

US Uniforms, Like Those Used in Insider Attacks, Still Found in Kabul Shops
The War at Home
Report: Hagel at Top of List for Defense Secretary
Meet Chuck Hagel, Your 'Likely' New Secretary of Defense
ACLU Seeks OAS Probe of Padilla Case
State Department: No Guarantee Clinton Will Testify on Benghazi Before Year's End
Study to Focus on How Deployments Affect Children
Somali Woman Gets US Prison Sentence for Terror Support
Marine Who Died in Iraq Won't Get Medal of Honor
Hacking the Human Brain: The Next Domain of Warfare
Israeli Court Urges Reroute of Planned West Bank Barrier
Israeli Border Guard Officer 'Not Afraid' of Threats After Killing Boy
Abbas Condemns Hamas Head's Statements; Likud Doesn't Buy It
Money Woes Could Erode High Hamas Standing in Gaza
Hamas Stages First West Bank March Since 2007
Labor: Lieberman Must Resign at Once
Hebron: Soldiers Shoot Palestinian Who Threw Firebomb
Al-Nusra Front Claims Syria Attack
Fears Grow for Ukrainian Reporter Held Hostage in Syria
Egyptian Factions Stage Final Rallies Before Referendum
In One Cairo Neighborhood, Draft Charter Seen as a Struggle of Elites
In Cairo Crisis, Unheard Voice From the Poor
Egypt Reinstates Judge Probing Violence
Carter Center Says It Won't Monitor Egypt's Vote
Spain Seizes Former Egypt Leader Hosni Mubarak's Assets
Witnesses: Dozens of Militants Descend Upon Northern Mali City of Timbuktu
Witnesses: 3 Dead, Others Raped by Guinea Army
Congo Rebel Group Demands President's Resignation
Ukraine's Parliament Devolves Into Vicious, All-Out Brawl
Thousands of Poles March to Remember 1981 Crackdown, Lament Current Leadership
Afghan Suicide Attack on Airbase Kills 3
US Soldier Killed in Attack on NATO Base in Afghanistan
Karzai Invited to US for Talks
Pakistan Lawless Tribal Areas 'Fueling Rights Crisis'
Rights Group Accuses Pakistani Military of Abuse
Pakistani Army to Be Deployed Inside Polling Stations
Wrestling, Anyone? Pakistan Welcomes Back a Flamboyant Japanese Hero of the Ring
US Hesitant in Condemning North Korean Launch
Confusion Over North Korean 'Satellite' Amid US Claims Object Is 'Tumbling Out of Control'
North Korea Still Years Away From Reliable Missiles
North Korea Is Said to Hold US Citizen
Seoul to Recover North Korea Rocket Debris
Crime, Osprey Add to Okinawan Anger Over US Bases
Marine Given Four Years for Rape of Okinawa Woman
Thai Ex-PM Abhisit Charged With Murder Over Protest Death
Vatican Insists China Has No Right to Revoke Title of Shanghai Bishop
Vietnam Jails Hmong Men for Plot After 'Messiah' Rally
Baghdad, Kurds Agree to Ease Tensions
Barzani: We Will Respond to Any Attack by Iraqi Army
Twelve Killed Across Iraq
Fugitive Iraq VP Given Fifth Death Sentence: TV
Iraqi Refugees Arrested in Hague Tent Camp Eviction
UN Nuclear Inspectors in Iran, No Sign of Parchin Visit
US: Tunisia Must Respond to the Aspirations of Young People or Face Future Revolts
Who Is a Victim in Mexico's Drug War Violence?
Honduran President Calls for National Dialogue Amid Political Crisis
Russia's Putin Calls US Trade Bill 'Unfriendly'
Russian Police Kills Three Militants in North Caucasus: Media
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