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Annexing the West Bank
Philip Weiss on Israel's cruel stupidity
The Case of Lynn Stewart
Jacob Hornberger on the criminalization of speech
Will Brennan Increase Syria's Torture?
Pepe Escobar on America's al Qaeda fighters
Updated January 12, 2013 - 1:05 PM EST
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January 12th, 2013
French Airstrikes Kill Over 100 in Mali
Hamas: 885 Palestinians Killed in Syria Civil War
Ya'alon: No Place for Palestinian State Alongside Israel
Court Bars State From Evicting Palestinian Outpost
Report: Israeli Nabbed in Egypt Asks for 'Political Asylum'
US-Born Taliban Fighter Wins Prison Prayer Lawsuit
Myanmar Helicopter Crashes in Northern Battle Zone
Australian Spy Agency Wants Powers to Hack Into Personal Computers
N. Korea Tells China It Is Planning Nuclear Test
Artist Paints Portraits of Tibetan Self-Immolators to Break Silence Among China's Majority
Rights Groups Condemn Government Moves Against Venezuela Channel as Censorship, Intimidation
Syrian Official Says Troops Have Captured Most of the Strategic Damascus Suburb of Daraya
Syrian Defections Suggest Military Morale Being Drained
After Karzai's Visit to Washington, Fears About US Pullout Linger in Afghanistan
Palestinian Officials Denied Entrance to Bab Al-Shams Outpost
Loyalists and Nationalists Clash After Belfast Flags Protest
Terrorism Suspect's Mindset Debated at Oregon Trial
Kurdish Protests Escalate in Paris
Military Has Issue With Wind Farm Proposals
Bolivia Scores Coca Leaf Victory at UN
French Hostage Rescue Mission Fails in Somalia, 2 Soldiers Dead
January 11th, 2013
Iranian-Americans Send Medicine Home as Sanctions Hit Drug Supplies
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