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Why This Fight
Justin Raimondo on Chuck Hagel versus the Israel lobby
US and Israel: Heading for a Showdown?
It just might happen, says Ira Chernus
Stand Up to the Intimidators
Paul Pillar on the effort to slander Chuck Hagel
Syrian Rebels Set Up 'Religious Police'
Islamist factions imposing Saudi-style religious codes
Obama Picks Kerry for Secretary of State
Kerry's is defined by consistent interventionist positions
Chuck Hagel Faces Relentless Assaults
Nomination for Sec of Defense in serious jeopardy
Those Mad, Mad Mullahs
Please give Flynt Leverett a break
America's Really Stupid Syria Policy
Philip Giraldi on the worsening situation
What Bill of Rights?
John Knefel on the lawless police
Updated December 22, 2012 - 8:00 PM EST


Neocons Against Chuck Hagel: The Senator Who Wouldn't Genuflect  by Doug Bandow
The Absurd Chuck Hagel Anti-Semitism Accusations  by Justin Logan
Pentagon, CIA Likely Approved Zero Dark Thirty Torture Scenes  by David Sirota
The Torture Chronicle
 by Philip Giraldi
Torture, Torture Everywhere  by Andy Worthington
Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment  by Conor Friedersdorf
More Viewpoints
The Art of
the Smear
by Stephen M. Walt
Julian Assange: WikiLeaks to Release 'Million More Files in 2013'
Syria Rebels 'Fire Warning Shots' at Airliner at Aleppo Airport
Arms Smuggling Attempt From Iraq Into Syria Thwarted
Putin: Russia No Defender of Syrian President
Japan Pulls Out Its Peacekeepers From Golan Heights
Syrians Turn to Black Humor Amid Misery
US Senate Approves $211 Million for Iron Dome in New $633 Billion Defense Bill
Netanyahu: 'Refusal' Advocates Won't Sit in My Government
Thousands of Palestinians Return to Damascus Refugee Camp
Three Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Sunnis Accuse Maliki of Crackdown, Tensions Flare
Turkmen MP: RPGs, Fired by the Peshmerga, Fell on Turkmen Homes
Iraq's Sunni Finance Minister Denounces Raids
Scramble for Iraq's Oil Wealth
Iraq Moves Towards Agreement Over Libyan Prisoners
Penalties on Iran Strengthened by US and Europe
Iran Will Take Legal Moves Against Media Ban: Press TV CEO
Egypt's Constitution Seen Passing in Referendum
Fresh Alexandria Clashes Ahead of Voting
In Islamist Bastion, Support Ebbs for Egypt's Brotherhood
Al-Azhar Mosque at Heart of Concerns Over Islamist Turn in Egypt
Basic Facts on Egypt's Constitution Referendum
Middle East
Three Foreign Tourists Kidnapped in Yemen's Capital
Tunisia Arrests 16 Qaeda Suspects: Minister
Future of Key Morocco Islamist Group Uncertain
Backers of Zapatista Rebels March by the Thousands in Southern Mexico
Colombian Negotiators Say Peace Talks Advancing as Government, FARC Rebels Break for Holidays
How Paraguay's 'Archive of Terror' Put Operation Condor in Focus
Julian Assange
Assange Praises Bradley Manning in Rare Speech
Assange Talks of Senatorial Hopes
The War at Home
Hagel's Defense Posture Forged by War Experience
WikiLeaked: The Kerry Plan for Iran
Army Rolls Out Brass to Defend Anti-IED Software
Dutch Minister Approves Transfer of Bomb Suspect to US
Drone Kills Four in North Waziristan
Suicide Attack Kills Taliban Commander
Pakistan Drone Crashes in South Waziristan: Sources
Malala Asks Pakistan Not to Name College in Her Honor to Avert Militant Attacks on Students
IG in Afghanistan: $201m in Fuel Purchases Untraceable
Could Mineral Wealth Transform Afghan Economy?
Search Under Way for Missing Georgian Soldier in Afghanistan
North Korea Says It Has Detained US Citizen Over 'Hostile Acts'
Iranian Suspects Claim Innocence in Alleged Bangkok Anti-Israel Terror Conspiracy
South Sudan Admits It Downed UN Helicopter, Killing Four Russian Crew Members
UN: 4 Peacekeepers Killed and 1 Injured in Darfur Due to Shots Fired by 1 of the Peacekeepers
Islamists Cited in Abduction of French Engineer in Nigeria
4 South Korean Construction Workers Freed After Being Kidnapped in Southern Nigeria
2 Mali Groups Agree to Work Together for Stability in Tenuous Areas, Try to Free Hostages
Attacks on Ivorian Military Kill 1 in Abidjan
Kenya's Somali Refugee Plan Unlawful, Says Amnesty
Georgia Rebuilds Stalin Monuments
Saakashvili's Foes Among Georgia Prisoners Nearing Pardon
Russia Clashes Over Energy With Belarus, Ukraine, EU
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