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10 Jun 2009 - 05 Sep 2015
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Letters, 05/19/09
May 19, 2009
In reply to “The Tortuous Logic of Nancy Pelosi,” by Justin Raimondo, 05/18/09:
Why does everyone miss the point on these briefings? The CIA was trying to make sure the oversight committees knew exactly what was happining. CIA officials insisted on clear, written approval from the Justice department and unequivoc[al] concurrence by the congressional reps. The last thing they wanted was a misunderstanding. They were trying to avoid this very situation. You will recall, when General Hayden took over as Director he temporarily stopped all interrogations until he had written concurrence. He told congress that he would not tolerate “a wink and a nod” whereby Congress told him they agreed with Agency practices but gave themsel[ves] room to deny it later. Just goes to show that there is no depth Congress won’t sink to.
Harry Lenhart
Comparing Keith Olbermann to Sean Hannity, even in a “Bizarro World,” is simply silly.
“E. Passant”
So, Pelosi backed Cheney’s torture schemes and is now desperately trying to duck and dodge accountability. Big surprise, that.
Meanwhile, when an influential, leading senior Democratic Senator breaks ranks with the War Party and President Barack “I’ve got two wars to run” Obama by calling for the release of the additional torture and abuse photos pursuant to a 2005 court order by Judge Alvin Hellerstein upheld by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, that’s not news in which Antiwar.com is interested?
Senator Tom Harkin deserves a lot of credit for taking the stand he has on the torture photos, in my opinion. The senator is Catholic, and I have come to realize that Catholics, perhaps more than some other denominations, seem to understand that torture is simply not an issue on which we can be silent.
Michael Gillespie
In reply to “Don’t Admit Ukraine Into NATO,” by Ivan Eland, 05/16/09:
Ivan Eland analyzes Russia-Ukraine relations as if Ukraine were the aggressor and Russia the peaceful, democratic nation surrounded by its enemies and about to be invaded again. This is historically inaccurate and intellectually dishonest. It’s conceivable that Ukraine would revert to nuclear weapons if not allowed to join NATO. Ukraine has the capability to do so. Is this what Mr. Eland would prefer?
Orest Steciw
Ucrainica Research Institute
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