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5 Jan 2013
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Source: Baghdad ISX
3 Wanted captured in Salaheddin province
01/01/2013 21:17:00
Tikrit (NINA) – Police in Salaheddin province captured three wanted persons in the villages of Albo Ajeel and Sadeh, east of Tikrit.

Security source told NINA on Tuesday evening, Jan. 1, that police launched search raids in some of the province's villages, arresting three wanted in accordance with Article 4-Terrorism, finding in their possession 4 unlicensed pistols. / End.
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Northern Babil blast casualties up to 87 killed, wounded6 Wanted captured, ammunition cache seized in Diyala
Northern Babil car bomb casualties up to 60 killed, woundedBREAKING NEWS. Victims tall of a car bomb explosion north of Babylon up to 60 dead and wounded.
BREAKING NEWS. 13 people killed and 36 others wounded north of Hilla.Four policemen wounded in central Ramadi.
A civilian killed , his wife wounded in attack in Mosul.A civilian wounded in Fallujah.
Three wanted men arrested , a cache seized in Diyala.Three policemen killed in Fallujah.
Policeman killed, 3 civilian wounded in MosulA policeman killed , three people, including a policeman, wounded center of Fallujah.
BREAKING NEWS. 46 of PKK elements killed by Turkish military operation inside Iraqi territory.Police repel an attack by gunmen tried to attack the visitors of Arbainiyah North Babel.
Injury of four army recruits north of Babel.BREAKING NEWS. killing and wounding of 10 people north of .
Police in Diyala dismantle 7 car bombs and 5 vest in 2012.Breaking News ---10 dead and wounded in a car bomb, targeting Husseini march.
13 wanted men arrested, a body found in Diyala.Four people wounded in Tikrit.
04/01/2013 22:44:00
Iraqiya lawmaker: The People demands solution to its problems away from former regime's symbols
04/01/2013 22:34:00
Iraqiya demands its lawmaker to attend Parliament's next session
04/01/2013 22:18:00
Mosawi denies Maliki's intention to dissolve Parliament, government
04/01/2013 21:30:00
BREAKING NEWS Commander of Dijla Operations escapes assassination
04/01/2013 21:09:00
Anbar Council rejects the Governor's request to move protest site
04/01/2013 19:36:00
Delegation from Karbala arrives in Ramadi's Protest area
04/01/2013 19:29:00
BREAKING NEWS State of Law source: Maliki will request dissolve government, Parliament
04/01/2013 18:52:00
Tribal delegation from south prevented from reaching Ramadi protestors
04/01/2013 18:33:00
Iraqiya expressed astonishment about Maliki's statement regarding the protestors
04/01/2013 18:17:00
Mutlaq calls for early election
04/01/2013 17:52:00
Allawi demands the Government's resignation
04/01/2013 17:37:00
BREAKING NEWS Jafari postpones the expanding political meeting
04/01/2013 17:27:00
Thousands of demonstrators in Salahuddin / Fri withstand.
04/01/2013 17:20:00
Military force prevent entry of protestor delegations from Samarra and Diyala to Anbar.
04/01/2013 17:14:00
Tight security in Karkh district.
04/01/2013 17:03:00
Demonstration of / Fri withstand / in Mosul after Friday prayers.
04/01/2013 14:55:00
Iyad al-Samarrai, warns the government of preventing or threatening masses of demonstrate or sit-ins.
04/01/2013 14:43:00
Anbar Operations prevent Khalisi delegation from participating in a sit-ins of Ramadi .
04/01/2013 14:34:00
Eight of Arbaiiniyah visitors injured southeast of Baghdad.
04/01/2013 14:23:00
Hundreds swarming central Baquba after unified Friday's prayers.
04/01/2013 14:07:00
Friday preacher of Fallujah warns government of underestimating demands of Iraqis.
04/01/2013 13:41:00
Tight security on vehicles crossing Adhamiya Bridge.
04/01/2013 12:47:00
Yasser Yasiri calls for protesters to take Maliki's warnings seriously.
03/01/2013 23:35:00
BREAKING NEWS Office of the Commander in Chief warns from terrorists' plans against protestors in Ramadi, Falluja
03/01/2013 22:47:00
Northern Babil blast casualties up to 87 killed, wounded
03/01/2013 22:32:00
In Ramadi "Steadfastness Friday"
03/01/2013 20:49:00
United Friday Prayer in Tikrit
03/01/2013 20:13:00
Jafari announces expanding political meeting to discuss current events held on Friday
03/01/2013 20:06:00
6 Wanted captured, ammunition cache seized in Diyala
03/01/2013 19:50:00
Citizens prevented from entering Ramadi except residents
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