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Welcome, Chuck
Uri Avnery on why Hagel's nomination is so important
'Forsaken by the West'
Larry Diamond on Obama's Betrayal of Bahrain
Drones Are Fool's Gold
They prolong wars we can't win, says Simon Jenkins
Obama, Karzai Ambiguous on Troop Levels
Decade hasn't managed to correct Afghanistan's problems
Syria's Rebels Form Secret Police Force
Group styled after regime's feared 'Mukhabarat'
French, EU Troops Invade Mali for Offensive
Hollande: French troops to stay as 'long as necessary'
Annexing the West Bank
Philip Weiss on Israel's cruel stupidity
The Case of Lynn Stewart
Jacob Hornberger on the criminalization of speech
Will Brennan Increase Syria's Torture?
Pepe Escobar on America's al Qaeda fighters
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Army Endangered Troops With Poor Screening of Afghan Translators

Drones Are Fool's Gold: They Prolong Wars We Can't Win  by Simon Jenkins
Elliott Abrams's Truth Problem  by Ali Gharib
Iraq: US 'Troop Surge' Magic Bullet Myth Lives On  by Wayne White
Welcome, Chuck  by Uri Avnery
Chuck Hagel and China  by Amitai Etzioni
Obama and the Betrayal of Democracy in Bahrain  by Larry Diamond
Palestinian Activists: Two Can Play the Settlement Game
The War at Home
Kerry Comments on Assad May Draw Scrutiny
Portland Terrorism Trial: FBI Agent Considered Making 'Pitch' to Suspect Mohamud in 2009
US Objects to Planned Release of Lebanese Terrorist
Banks Seek NSA Help Amid Attacks on Their Computer Systems
US Military
Second Marine to Face Court Martial in Urination Incident
Congress' Budget Games Mean Less Cash, More Chaos for Pentagon
Congress Queries Navy Over Retiring USS Port Royal
Bunkers Needed for Explosives After Louisiana Town's Evacuation
Pakistani Shiites Protest After Bombings Kill 125
US Drones Pound Pakistan, Which Responds by Doing Exactly Nothing
2 NATO Truck Drivers Killed in Rocket Attacks
Pakistani Shias Refuse to Bury Their Dead as They Demand Better Protection
Kashmir Violence: Anger Builds as Pakistan Summons Indian Envoy
Runaway Grandmother Sparked Savage Skirmish on Kashmir LoC
South Korea Ready for Wartime Control of Allied Forces, Odierno Says
Richardson Delivered Letter for Detained American in North Korea
Japan Scrambles Jets Over Disputed Islands
Japan-China Trade Recovers Despite Island Spat
What Did Google Earth Spot in the Chinese Desert? Even an Ex-CIA Analyst Isn't Sure
Spain Says Army Bomb Disposal Expert Dies While Defusing Explosive in Afghanistan
Fiji Scraps Proposed Constitution, Military Rulers to Write Another
US to Search for World War II Missing in Myanmar
Mali's President Declares State of Emergency on National Television Amid Islamist Advance
UN Calls for 'Rapid Deployment' of Troops in Mali
More Than 30,000 Flee Fighting in Sudan's Darfur
British Helmand Veterans Dispatched to Defend Falklands
Cubans Eager to Try New Law Easing Travel Rules
US Now Targeting Mexican Drug Lord's Family, Too
Iran Denies Cyber Attacks on US Banks
IAEA Chief Says Not Optimistic on Iran Nuclear Talks
Iranian Opposition Leaders in the Spotlight Ahead of Poll
Rejecting 'Argo,' Iran to Produce Film Version of 1979 Hostage Crisis
Iran's Foreign Minister Works to Woo Egypt in Cairo Visit
Spain Arrests 2 Over Suspected Iran Nuclear Export
Top US General Says Stopping a Syrian Chemical Attack Is 'Almost Unachievable'
Brahimi: No Syria Solution Around the Corner
Dozens of Countries Plan to Urge UN Security Council to Refer Syria to War Crimes Court
For Syrians Escaping War, a Muddy Lebanese Potato Field Will Have to Do for Refuge
Post Poll: Likud Beytenu Gains, Bennett Slides
Latest Polls Confirm High Level of Undecided Voters, Indicate Fall in Support for Tzipi Livni
Livni Hits PM as Post Poll Shows Her Party Sliding
Israeli Opposition Paints Netanyahu as Inadvertently Destroying the Jewish State
Israel Bans Civilians From Route 10 Near Egypt Border
Iraqi Inmates Seize Weapons, Escape From Prison
Thousands of Iraq Sunnis in Angry Anti-Maliki Demos
Iraq Threatens to Seize Kurdish Oil Shipments, Sue Dealers
Iran Warns of Civil War in Iraq: Cleric
Maliki Handed Iraq in Golden Plate to Iran: Former Premier
Kurdish Rebel Group Sees Nationalist Hand in Paris Killings
PKK Paris Deaths: Turkey PM Erdogan Blames 'Internal Feud'
Slaying Puts Spotlight on Kurdish Female Warriors
Turkey Postpones Purchase of F-35 Fighters
Middle East
Islamist Terrorists Ambush Egyptian Police in Sinai, Injuring 7
Two Soldiers Killed in Ambush in South Yemen
Egypt, Iran Gradually Restore Ties After Decades-Old Rift
Saudi King Grants Women Seats on Advisory Council
Bosnian Serb Ex-Policeman Jailed for 20 Years Over Srebrenica
Belfast Cops Attacked on 40th Day of Flag Protest
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