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Letters, 12/08/12
December 09, 2012
In reply to “Pearl Harbor — Roosevelt Knew,” by Justin Raimondo, 12/07/12:
I heartily accept your characterizations of FDR lying us into Pearl Harbor, WWII and the empire stance the US has had vis-a-vis the world since then. I do have a problem, however, with your chagrin. Okay, so he was a trickster, and not only that, he was a gigantic one. That is a reaffirmation of the North American spirit, not a deviation.
In the Southwest before Columbus, the Coyote was a trickster god capable of intimate things like sleeping with another man’s wife. He was also capable of more mid-range action like fornication from afar with maidens on the other side of a river by means of a crazily extended penis. But, more to the point, he could reconstitute the cosmos as well.
I give kudos to FDR, of Long Island, the mid-Hudson River and New York City, for being able to tap into the coyote-trickster energy that I believe underlies our part of North America.
Jonas Kyle
In reply to “Israel’s Real Agenda,” by Philip Giraldi, 11/15/12:
You may want to consider Israel’s evident effort to eliminate Gaza. The reason possibly being the natural gas reserves due west of Gaza. They CANNOT let Palestine become a country [due] to their potential international rights offshore …. There are 30 [trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves] already defined in this East Mediterranean basin.
Bob Vanderbeek
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