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19 Jan 2013
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1/08/13 Jacob Hornberger
Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, discusses “the fascinating case” of New York attorney Lynne Stewart, who is serving ten years in prison for supporting terrorism; how advocating for the overthrow of tyrannical governments became a federal crime; why the rotten-to-the-core national security state needs dismantling, not revision; and the extent Democrats can push gun control without being crushed at the polls.
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A shocking story (first I’ve heard about it). Does she have any hope or is she doomed to life imprisonment for her political crime against the State?
This is totally outrageous conduct by the US Justice Dept and the US Courts! These disgraceful federal officials (and NOT Lynn Stewart) are the ones who should be in jail pending charges for being hard-core traitors to America and to its traditional values of liberty and free speech. I’m sure some sort of supporting clause can be found in one the “Patriot” Acts, since they were designed to allow any police action that the Executive branch might desire.
1. First of all, Lynn Stewart was not even expressing her own opinion. In her completely legitimate capacity as a criminal defense attorney, she was speaking on behalf of a man confined in federal custody, as a SUSPECTED criminal, awaiting his trial.
2. Furthermore, even the cleric’s own words do not advocate any sort of violent overthrow of the Egyptian government. Quite the contrary, he expresses support for the cease-fire of that time, and only adds that there are questions about the ceasefire that should be addressed and discussed. This was NOT a call for war and violence – but one can hear such calls for war every week by various US politicians who are trying push this country into a new war with Iran. And as with their many lies about Iraq and WMD during 2001-2003, this malicious neocon group is now playing “fast’n loose” with the dubious case for war on Iran and their hypothetical threat to this country.
3. Lastly, to add insult to injury, this brave woman has had over 7 years of prison time added to her sentence, merely for comments she made about her sentence. This is truly unbelievable! It is very sad that America is now ruled by such crude barbarians as these ham-fisted, jackbooted, federal enforcers – cruel men and women who are apparently so insecure that they cannot tolerate free speech in its most basic form. Lynn Stewart has been denied her American rights to Freedom of Speech.
No true American should tolerate this assault on our precious liberties. If this cannot be fixed through the normal political process, then perhaps other means must be considered. Yes, it has now gone that far!
Thank you so much for the information. Is it possible to send her letters/postcards ? At what address ? By the way, who don´t you defend social welfare ? That´s what made Scandinavia, Canada and the Netherlands the greatest countries to live in. And the more welfare, the more business. Give unemployed lots of cash as in the countries mentioned and business is better and the crime rate is low. They don´t need to steal, you see.
It´s disgusting how the lady was treated. Bush/Obama made the USA into a banana republic, a rogue state. The world must unite against the evil empire. Drone strikes and Night Raids are state terrorism. Obama isn´t president, no he is a mafia Godfather (his preferred movie). Now they must demand that he returns his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize. What a joke. Are they crazy ? Stupid at any rate. But regardless of Bush/Obama the Pentagon is driving to achieve a disarming first strike capability-and WITHOUT Nuclear Winter-yes, they are that crazy. The result will be Russian Launch On Warning by 2017 and Suicide thereafter.
According to Professor Paul Rogers the MX warhead was designed to minimize nuclear winter effects if used against missile silos-like the warhead on Trident-2-so, when the MX (also called Peacekeeper!) was cancelled, the warhead was put on Minuteman-3. Trident chief missile engineer Bob Aldridge-www.plrc.org-wrote a 6-page article on Minuteman-3 as a state-of-the-art first strike weapon. According to Bob Aldridge the US Navy can track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously. Bob Aldridge wrote on the new US missiles in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria: “Whether they are on ships or land, they are still a necessary component for an unanswerable first strike.” Professor J. Edward Anderson, “Deployment of anti-missile missiles in Eastern Europe is part of a first-strike strategy.” The Russian NATO-Ambassador said, “They think we are stupid. But of course, they´ll go for Launch On Warning, probably by 2017 and that´s suicidal.
Another clue to the Pentagon´s First Strike Capability ambitions: NAVSTAR was made with 24 satellites to get an accuracy of less than 30 meters for Minuteman-3 and Trident-2. That isn´t necessary to hit a city in retaliation but it´s necessary with this kind a precision to destroy missile silos. And it doesn´t make sense to destroy empty missile silos. Later NAVSTAR was renamed GPS. They hope by the design of the Trident-2 and Minuteman-3 warheads and by only attacking missile silos to avoid Nuclear Winter. I talked with General Harbottle about it in his London office. General Harbottle stated, “They are bloody fools in the Pentagon!” They count on 1-3 % casualties in the US and they own the world forever. But how will the bloody fools overcome LAUNCH ON WARNING ?????????????????????????????????
” O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts, and men have lost their reason”. …Shakespeare…
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