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Letters, 01/13/13
13 January 2013
In reply to “Hagel Nomination: The Revenge of the Realists,” by Justin Raimondo, 01/11/13:
You and others keep blaming the neoconservatives and how they with the help from “Gestapo office” of Douglas Feith established something the amounted to separate government, according to Colin Powell which Bob Woodward mentions.
… The only thing that I have to say that when a top general and top diplomat in a country is so stupid to go to the UN and make that ridiculous speech what do expect from ordinary Americans? … I think blaming the neoconservatives so much because of stupidity of others is absolutely wrong.
Parviz Shafa
In reply to “It’s Not All About Israel,” by Justin Raimondo, 01/04/13:
Justin Raimondo sarcastically (“don’t forget the Armenians​!”) lumps the Armenians in with the neocons and homosexuals when listing their opposition to Chuck Hagel.
One would think that Raimondo, who has demonstrated in his writings an empathy and understanding of the first Genocide of the modern [era] by the Ottoman Turks; might give slight pause at Hagel (who has well functioning courage — note the Purple Hearts — but less functioning historical intellect and questionable moral judgment).
But no, it’s full bore ahead with the soapbox. I signed the petition and now am starting to regret it. On this one, I say Go Neocons!
In reply to “War in Syria Such an Obviously Bad Idea, Even DC Insiders Know It,” by John Glaser, 01/02/13:
Washington only likes to attack weak enemies. And the Syrian army is no pushover, especially considering the prospect of increased Russian and Iranian support for Assad if the West steps up its interventionist policies.
George Cole
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