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Podcast: Nick Santiago of InTheMoneyStocks.Com On The Best Sectors To Trade In The US Stock Market - Mike Swanson (01/11/13)
I just did this podcast with Nick Santiago of inthemoneystocks.com​.
In this podcast Nick and I talked about the current trends in the market and the sectors and stocks that will likely do the best in the US stock market this year.
Stock Trading Strategies
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By Mike Swanson at Fri, 01/11/2013 - 12:47
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Podcast: Dave Skarica Interview on Current Trends in Gold & Europe - Mike Swanson (01/10/13)
I just did this podcast with Dave Skarica of addictedtoprofits.net​.
In this podcast Dave and I talked about the current trends in the market and Europe and gold.
Gold and Gold Stocks
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By Mike Swanson at Wed, 01/09/2013 - 16:35
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Hedge Fund Disasters Are Hurting Gold - Mike Swanson (01/09/13)
The price of gold has been kept down by hedge fund redemptions. These redemptions will end in a week and after that a nasty hand that has been holding the price of gold down will be lifted. As we begin this new year news is starting to trickle out demonstrating that hedge funds as a whole have had a horrid performance last year.
According to incoming data nine out of ten hedge funds failed to beat the S&P 500 last year. According to a recent report by Goldman Sachs their average return was 8% while the S&P 500 posted a 13% gain for 2012.
Gold and Gold Stocks
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Stock Market Commentary
By Mike Swanson at Wed, 01/09/2013 - 07:49
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tock Trading Basics - Learn Stock Investing Strategies

Hello. My name is Mike Swanson. I’m the best-selling author of the book Strategic Stock Trading. In a former life I used to run a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% during that time frame. In fact it was ranked in the top 35 out of 5,000 hedge funds in 2005.
After I retired from the hedge fund world I setup this website and blog. If you sign up for my free weekly email list I’ll send you an update on average about once a week on my views of the stock market and share with you actionable investment ideas.
Now I cannot promise you that every stock I find will go up in value. I can’t promise you endless 100% returns as others claim they do and as all the disclaimers say past performance does not necessarily predict future performance and you can lose all of your money in the stock market.
This is reality.
What I can promise you is my dedication to doing the best I can for you.
You see the key to making money over the long-run in the stock market is to manage your risk. Once you sign up to my newsletter I’ll send you a series of educational videos and writings showing you how I use stop-loss orders to cut any potential losses and how I use my two fold formula system that combines fundamental and technical analysis to pick stocks. My goal is to risk one dollar to try to make at least three dollars in my trades by looking for stocks that are priced cheaply on a valuation basis, have high earnings growth, and have excellent chart patterns.
So join my list below and let me help guide you on your journey in the stock market.

Subscribe to my free WSW Weekly Market Analysis and receive my guide for stock trading  beginners.

Subscribe and you will receive weekly:
Stock Market Analysis -My views of the state of the financial markets straight to your inbox every week.
Stock Picks - I will alert you when key stocks are lining up for a stock trading opportunity.
Commentary from a proven winner - I won a Trading Trophy Championship and co-managed a hedge fund that generated a return of excess of 78% over four years for its investors during a down market. Now as the disclaimers say past results don't necessarily predict future performance, but I am here to help you achieve your stock trading success. My newsletter isn't just about stock picks and trading strategies- my real priority is to educate you on how to be a winner investor and trader in the financial markets.
Stock Market News - Every day there are dozens of stock market stories that the financial media focuses on and thousands they don't talk about. I keep my pulse on the market and discuss only the news items that you need to know about to save you time and make you money.
International stock trading -In our global economy even average investors have access to world markets. I focus on opportunities outside of the traditional US stock exchanges, including Asia, Europe, Russia, bonds, and commodities.
Technical analysis - We combine a fundamental macro view of the economy and stock market with technical analysis to use price action and trends to guide entry and exit points and teach these methods to you.
This free service is for stock market beginners and advanced investors of any level. Subscribers include truck drivers, teachers, students, brokers, and hedge fund managers.
To subscribe just click this link.
Contact: WallStreetWindow.com - 765 Piney Forest Rd, Danville, VA, 24541
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