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23 Jan 2013 - 25 Jan 2013
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1/11/13 Joe Lauria
Journalist Joe Lauria discusses the epidemic of rapes in India and the indifference of police and politicians; the popular discontent with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood; why Jordan might host the next Arab Spring revolution; the Gulf monarchies conspiring against democracy in the region; and the logistics of breaking up failing Middle Eastern countries.
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Can we please get rid of Mr Scott and give this broadcast over to Joe Lauria in perpetuity?
Most ungrateful of you, for if Scott had
never been born, this WEB page would have
never come to be.
perhaps we could just get rid or you michael.
If Joe Lauria wanted to have an independent shoestring show of his own, he’d already have one. But he doesn’t have Scott’s stamina, enthusiasm, or energy. Without Scott we wouldn’t have a show.
As happens so often, I’m amazed that a guest comes on here and give such a completely inaccurate view of the situations in various countries. Apparently Joe gets his opinion of the Egyptian situation from guys in casinos, where -as he points out – Egyptians aren’t even allowed to patronize… as if these men are representative of anyone! Is that where Joe learned that huge numbers of Egyptians don’t want an Islamic society?
He gives the same tired reasoning for why the ‘democratic secularists’ don’t win more votes. It’s not a matter of their lack of organization; it’s because their views have very little support among Egyptians. As is common in the Western press (and I just heard Pepe say the same thing), he also repeats the useful old stereotype that the Islamic groups are popular among the ignorant peasants but not among the educated elite in the cities; this is not an accurate representation at all.
His characterizations about the Muslim Brotherhood are absurd. Just because they didn’t join the Tahrir Square protests in the beginning doesn’t mean that they were supporting Mubarak all the way. The remarks comparing Morsi to Ferdinand Marcos and saying that Morsi is another Mubarak show an amazing ignorance (or intended slant).
If you want to know about Egypt, stick to Adam Morrow, who is not a biased outsider who drops in and sees the view out his hotel room window (or from a casino) or a few days.
True, for Egypt is 92% Muslim and if Joe Lauria was correct, that Egypt did not want a Muslim democracy, surely it would mean that Egypt was 92% hypocrites.
As for India… Joe says that there are more men but not by much. Where does he get those statistics? There are tens of millions of girls missing, and they’re not just in the poor, ignorant villages; foeticide of girls is very common (and sometimes more common) in middle- and upper-class areas as well. The shortage of young women has led to an increase in kidnappings and selling of women; some women find that they are expected to be the wife of not only their husband but his brothers, too.
Joe mentioned the sexual harassment, but there is much more to the mistreatment of women in India, which for some reason is ignored by the international media and human rights groups. Women have to pay a large dowry (which is one reason parents don’t want them. Often, even after the pay and marry, the husband’s family demands more; of they can’t come up with it, they end up dead – burned in a ‘cooking accident’. Brides are abused and treated as servants by their mothers-in-law, and large proportions of women and men feel that husband are justified in beating their wives for such infractions as not having dinner ready on time or burning the food.
Widows are treated poorly; many families take them far from home (sometimes to religious sites) and then abandon the, returning home without them.
Then there is the caste system, which is technically illegal but in reality is alive and well.
India has 40 million more men than women according to the UN. That’s not much?
January 17, 2013 at 6:46 am
we have 300M arab sheeps roumincc to be slaughtered..Bravo Sabahcorpz.
Here to protect your excessive wealth is the guess
of me, what rot for all the world to see.
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