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19 Jan 2013 - 15 Sep 2015
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"Now Quarterly, Bloomberg Pursuits Adds to Masthead, Launches iPad App" http://t.co/IBlP0kMp
(about 16 hours ago)
@pkafka Hmm, yeah, I'm rethinking. In fact, Economist subscribers, for ex, do already get the iPad version before the print.
(about 16 hours ago)
Can't see this working for mags on strict deadlines: "Hearst Tries a New iPad Pitch: Read Them Here First" by @pkafka​http://t.co/0AJIArRP
(about 16 hours ago)
Vice has a team of 10 that "act as a creative agency, helping brands create and distribute content". http://t.co/jdj5SqHE
(about 18 hours ago)
"The Good News About The Atlantic’s Scientology Ad Misstep" on @contently http://t.co/sGkvTbvi
(about 19 hours ago)
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