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The Antiwar Comic: It Ain’t Easy Being Antiwar
When you’re antiwar, you get a lot of flack.  I’m not exactly sure why.
For more comics visit:
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The American-Al Qaeda War for Syria
That’s “us” backing them against the other guys.
Pepe Escobar’s got a great rundown of the madness here.
And see this Reuters piece about how the “rebels” have already worn out their welcome in Aleppo.
Update: Syria’s Rebels Form Own Secret Police
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Mixed Signals
Biden on gun control: Public wants us to act
U.S. gun sales hit a record high since Obama’s re-election

So which is it?
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The End of the War on Weed?
No, but this commentary in the Miami Herald has the stats that reveal the true insanity (like a fox) of the whole program:
“After four decades and billions spent, marijuana is easier to get, and more potent, than ever. More than 40 percent of all Americans over 12 have tried it, and at least 30 million people smoke it every year. The most recent national drug survey found that 18.1 million Americans had used it during the previous month. Pot is now medically dispensed in 18 states and Washington, D.C. It’s the largest cash crop in the nation’s largest agricultural state, California.”
Read the rest here.
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The Terror Factory
My Amazon review of The Terror Factory:
Prosecutions of *actual* terrorists in America since 9/11/01 can be counted on one hand (Moussoui, Zazi, Shazad, Abdulmuttalab). All of the rest are bogus, with at least 50 being straight-up entrapment jobs by the FBI and their handsomely paid (by you) informants.
The next time some real terrorists plot to blow something up in America, the FBI will no doubt miss it, being too busy tricking the slowest kid down at the Islamic bookstore into praising Osama for the promise of $20,000.
The courts have let them get away with it, so thank goodness there are a few decent reporters left willing to challenge the feds on their third-world ways.
Trevor Aaronson ably describes the FBI agent-informant entrapment business, tells the story of wholly innocent and mostly-innocent people who could-would never have become terrorists but for the provocateur sent to frame them up, the ruthless blackmail used by the feds to terrorize average Joe Muslims to become informants/provocateurs, the perverse incentives driving them to continue the same policy and the mass media credulity that helps make it all possible.
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GOA on Piers Morgan
via Bob Wenzel
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Hitler Wins Again
Ha. Yall see this one? Butler Shaffer:
“It has been some 3-4 years since I last held my classic “election” on the first day of class in our law school.  (The students – 2nd and 3rd year - don’t know who I am, and I hand out the ballots before doing or saying anything.)  The candidates for office are Candidate A and Candidate B, each of whom is identified not by name, but by description of behavior and/or policies advocated.  In the past, Candidate B receives – on the average – about 75% of the vote.  Today – with 22 students voting – Candidate B received 20 votes [just under 91% of the vote] while Candidate A got 2 votes [just over 9%].
“Oh, yes, for those who haven’t followed this exercise before - of which I have reported herein in the past – Candidate A is a composite of such Revolutionary War heroes as George Washington, John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, etc..  Candidate B is Adolf Hitler.”
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The Antiwar Comic: In Response to Kony 2012
I wrote this before the Kony film maker lost it in that video.  How crazy was that?  But nothing is crazier than asking your government to go to war.
For more comics visit:
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Happy New Year
Well, thanks for listening. I’ll keeping complaining about, and interviewing reporters about, the news for another go around the sun if yall want.
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The Antiwar Comic: The Interventionist’s Argument
This one was inspired by the many political discussions I get into with my friends.
Check out more comics here:
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The Antiwar Comic: Celebrity Politics
This one was inspired by the actors that use their Oscar speeches to make a political statement.  I kinda dig that.
For more comics visit:
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The Antiwar Comic: How Much for the War?
Remember Michelle Bachman?  Yeah, I’d like to forget her too.
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