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08 Dec 2011 - 04 Feb 2022
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Someone changed your password
If you suspect that someone else knows or has changed your password, please reset it so nobody else can sign in to your account. To do so, just enter your username on the password-assistance page.
Account username:
If you think someone has access to the email address associated with your Google Account, please change the password for your email as well. Learn more about keeping your account secure.
If you're unable to reset your Google Account password, and you can't sign in to your account, fill out this form.
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Protect your Google Account and personal information with our easy-to-follow security checklist.
Effects on @gmail.com accounts
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Change your Google Account password
Managing your accountEditing your account
Verifying your account via SMS or Voice Call
Getting startedCreating a Google Account
Password assistance
I'm not receiving notifications
Recovering your account
Privacy and Security
Google can send you a text message if you ever forget your password. Learn more
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